How to Install Mouse Toggle on FireStick/ Fire Tv-2020 Complete Guide

Indisputable Android applications are meant for touch devices and do not function properly on your remote controlled Fire TV Stick device. This impoverish the Firestick users of some good quality apps. The primary reason why you can’t use such applications is because they are not compatible with your Amazon Firestick remote. However, if there was a way you could use a mouse with FireStick, you could make some of these apps work.

You could get mouse pointer on your FireStick interface without connecting a physical mouse to it. All you need is the Mouse Toggle app. In this video, we learn to install the Mouse Toggle on Firestick. You can maneuver the mouse pointer using the navigation button on your remote. To click an object, just hover the pointer over it and press the select button on the remote.

Install Mouse toggle app on Firestick: Installation guide

Step 1 : Power on your FireStick device and open settings from home-screen (the Settings option is on the menu bar on the top of the screen) .

Step 2 : Navigate to Device and open it on the next screen.

Step 3 : Now open Developer options.

Step 4 : See whether Apps from unknown Sources is OFF or ON. If it is OFF, click it to tum it ON.

Step 5 : A warning message pops  up informing you about the risk of enabling Apps from unknown sources. Ignore this are going to install Mouse Toggle app, which I have personally used. It is a safe app.

Click Turn On. Your FireStick will now install any third- party app. Let’s get started with Mouse Toggle.

Step 6 : The very first thing you need is a side-loader app. FireStick does not permit direct browser download on the files. I recommend Downloader app. It is a very effective side-loading tool for Firestick. Install Downloader on FireStick and launch it. You can easily get this app from the Amazon Store.

Step 7: The main-screen of Downloader looks like this. As you can see, the Home option on the left is already clicked.On the right, there is a field  where you can enter the source URL from where Mouse Toggle will be downloaded.

Click the URL field

Step 8 : Enter the following URL ( as per your divice) when you see the on-screen keyboard (look at the image below):

For Fire Stick Gen 1, Fire Stick Gen 2,Fire TV 1,Fire TV 2, Fire Tv Cub – https://www

If you have FireStick 4K,FireTV 3 or FireTV 3or FireTV Edition use this link-

Hit Go after entering the URL

Step 9 : Allow the Downloader app to download the Mouse Toggle APK file. It may take a couple of minutes.

Step 10 :The good thing about Downloader is that you don’t need to execute the downloaded APK manually. It runs the file and starts the installation automatically.You should now see the following prompt.

Click Install

Step 11 :Now wait for the Mouse Toggle APK to install on the device.

Step 12 :You will get the conformation of installation  with the App installed prompt that shows.

When you click open here, you launch the Mouse Toggle app right away.But we will run and use the app later.

First, click done and return to the Downloader app. I will show you how to delete the Mouse Toggle APK you just downloaded. The APK files are not required after the installation. Let’s free up some space.

Step 13 : Click Delete

Step 14 : Click delete one more time

You have successful removed the APK file from the FireStick.

How to access and use Mouse Toggle on FireStick

All the apps you install on firestick can be assessed from the your Apps and channels section. Here is how you can get there:

# press and hold the Home button on your FireStick remote for about 5 second.

# When the menu screen appears, click here Apps.

# There you are in your Apps and channels

Now scroll down to the bottom using your remote where you will find the Mouse  Toggle App. Remember that when you 8install an app the icon appears on bottom in Your Apps and channels. The other thing to note is that  the recently installed apps to not appear on your FireStick Home-screen.

To move any app to home-screen, select it’s icon in the Yours  Apps and channels section and press the menu key on the remote. Now click Move and move the icon to one of the top rows.

How to use a Mouse Toggle

First, in order for the Mouse Toggle app to work, ADB Debugging must be ON. Here is how you can turn it on: FireStick Home-screen >Settings >Device >Developer option > ADB Debugging.

Open the app from the Your Apps and channels section. This is how the app looks like. There is only one screen.

Make sure enable the mouse service option is on. If you would like the mouse service to run on the FireStick start-up, keep the second option turned o. I recommend keeping it on. Mouse Toggle is just a 2 MB app and keeping it on all the time does not effect the device performance.

When the mouse service is enabled, the status at the bottom left off the screen should say started.

If the status is stuck on starting then you may need to ADB Debugging OFF and back ON. You may click the ADB SETTINGS button with in the application to turn it off or on.

That’s pretty much it about the interface. Let me now show you how to use mouse pointer with any application.

We should use Showbox HD as an example as this app cannot be navigated with the FireStick remote. Here is the Showbox HD home-screen :

As you see, there is the menu on the top-left corner. We can’t get to it without the mouse toggle. But, there is no mouse pointer on my TV screen yet. So, how do I bring it about?

To display the mouse pointer, all you need to do is quickly press the play/pause  button on Amazon FireStick remote twice.

I did that and manoeuvred the mouse pointer over the menu. Now I just need to press the Select button on the remote to click the menu.

The following menu appears.

Now, we can use the mouse pointer to hover over and click any item ww want on the menu.

I clicked Movies and I was redirected to the screen containing the list of Movies. Again, I can use the mouse pointer to open any move I like.

Please also note that the mouse pointer disappears after a few seconds when left idle. Just press the play/pause button on the remote twice to bring it back.

How to Scroll pages with the mouse toggle?

The first thing we need to do is bring up the Mouse Toggle  cursor on the screen by pressing play/pause button on the remote twice.

Now, quickly press the following buttons on your remote one after the other in the same order:

# play/pause

# Download Navigation

The curse will get bigger and faster and it will let you scroll the pages .

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