How to Install Disney Plus on Firestick

How to Install Disney Plus on Firestick

  • To install disney plus on firestick -> Go to home screen -> Search for Disney Plus app and click on get to install disney plus on firestick.
  • If you want you can cast disney plus Hotstar by installing screen mirror application on your mobile and cast disney plus to your firestick easily by pressing cast  button on your mobile and content will be streamed  on your firestick

If you are looking for a way to install Disney plus on a fire stick. In this article I will be sharing you the content on how  to install Disney Plus on Firestick without any third party application a few years ago Disney plus was not available for Amazon device officially that’s why people used to get it using third-party apps like downloader and es file explorer and many more but for now they’re making a deal with Amazon and now it is officially available on Amazon app store.

Here I’m going to show you how you can install Disney plus on your fire stick device with complete instructions the same guide will also work for fast 4k 5 TV faster light and fire TV cube. Before we start the installation steps let’s start with a brief introduction.

Disney plus is an on demand video platform just like Hulu, Discovery Plus, Netflix, Vudu, Hbo Max, Amazon prime and many more similar to them it also provides user with the various type of entertainment like movies, TV shows. web series and even documentaries Disney plus offer originals of marvel cinematic universe pixel national geography and so on before we proceed to the installation section we have to first turn on apps from unknown source without this we’re not able to install any third party application on Amazon fire TV device. So what you have to do is just follow below steps

How to Install Disney Plus on Firestick 

Step 1: You need to click on left side search icon above the menu and type there Disney plus when you type 2 3 word the suggestion appear Disney plus so scroll down and click on.

Step 2: Now here click on Disney plus blue color icon and press download button and the Disney plus app will start downloading automatically. Just wait for well until that is downloaded and it will be installed automatically as well.

Step 3: Here as you can see Disney plus has been installed on our fire stick now you open Disney plus from there and also from Home. So after installing go back Home screen by pressing remote Home button.

Step 4: Here again hold remote Home button for few seconds. Click on apps and here you will find all application that is installed on your fire stick. So if you want to open Disney plus then scroll down and highlight Disney plus and press remote select button for opening Disney.

So you can use this method to download Disney plus on your Amazon fire stick device. 

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What to do if Disney Plus Hotstar Not working?

If disney plus hotstar is not working then go ahead and clear cache of Disney plus app and if this doenst help then you need to power reset your firestick and uninstall and install disney plus on firestick again.