Amazon FireStick Not Working on Samsung Smart tv

  • You can connect amazon firestick to samsung smart tv and iIf your Amazon firestick not working on samsung smart tv then it can be fixed easily by power reset and checking HDMI cable, changing power source.
  • Try power reset -> turn off your tv -> unplug power source cable of your tv -> wait for 30 seconds -> Plug back power cable and restart your tv.

Before going deep in to the topic. First check if your samsung Tv is compatible with Amazon fire stick. With this you can easily enjoy the accessing of Netflix, HBO max, Amazon and many more other channels on your Samsung Tv. Now-a-days Amazon fire stick is quite useful, but it is maximum  probe to app errors. While this error may include problems like stopping device from responsive. Sometimes Amazon firesticks can solve troubleshoot problems by using other HDMI ports, checking port/tv compatibility and an HDMI extender, by changing power source. After trying all the above cases if you still fails, just verify suitability of your input sources. Once check out some ways to fix the problem of Amazon firestick not working on samsung tv.

How to fix Amazon Firestick Not Working on Samsung Smart tv

Power Reset

Step 1: Turn on your tv and remove power cables from wall socket.

Step 2: Wait for 30 seconds

Step 3: After 30 seconds plug back power  cables back to tv and turn on.

That’s it, Amazon firestick not working on Samsung tv will eventually start working with this power reset method. If not, try other methods like changing hdmi cable and other methods.

Change Your Power Outlet/Power Source

As we all know, our Amazon fire stick consumes a high amount of electric energy. If we are unable to discover the finest way to meet its need, our television will not recognise Amazon fire stick. To determine the issue we should do the following.

1) Make sure that your device plug in to the proper electric socket not in the USB port because it won’t supply 1A power.

2) Check For power extension/outlet working properly or not. And also make sure that cables micro-USB end is properly fitted in to  device or not

Use HDMI extender

To enhance remote performance Amazon provided the bundled HDMI extender for checking the connectivity of Wi-Fi  and fitting your fire stick in to Samsung tv HDMI port.  If we are unable to fix it properly in the HDMI extender it will not serve the content properly.

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Checking For port/Tv Compatibility 

Firstly we need to confirm what we are using whether it is fire Tv stick 4k or fire tv stick. Because screen resolution  also plays a major role in samsung tv, so it’s better to use 1080p HDMI port. If your using a new version of  Samsung tv  its not a big deal because in latest version it providing HDMI ports.

1) Because using firestick in your Tv firstly search for its specification online.

2) Along with it check for manufacturer guidelines for your Tv supported resolution.

Try Another HDMI port

If your samsung Tv has multiple HDMI ports. You can switch your device to another HDMI port If you are facing any trouble shooting problem while accessing the power source. Because checking with another port firstly checks if your device us properly fitted in the first port or not.

Check for Input Sources

If your Tv sets have multiple HDMI ports then this issue will raise. Make sure you set the device to the proper input source port or not which will easily solve the problem. Let’s see simple example, if your television set input source to HDMI 1, then connect your fire stick to HDMI2.

You can fix the problem of Amazon firetvstick not working on samsung tv by following some quick solutions. Make sure your power source and HDMI cables or port are in good condition. According to the resolution of your Tv screen, reconnect your Amazon fire stick.

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Rajeshwari Chiluveru
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