How to Fix Amazon Firestick No Signal On Sony Smart TV

How to Fix Amazon Firestick No Signal On Sony Smart TV

  • To fix Amazon firestick no signal on Sony smart tv you need to change HDMI cable ports and change screen resolution.
  • Restart your Sony tv and change network settings.

Sometimes your gadget might show no signal due to HDMI cable loose connection or fault ports, which may be caused due to environmental conditions  or device configuration problems or server issue. In this guide with simple steps you can resolve the problem of Amazon fire stick no signal on sony tv easily. Due to its various features may people using Amazon firestick; but suddenly you may face the issue of no signal on sony smart tv.

How to Fix Amazon Firestick No Signal on Sony Smart tv

 In this post we are telling you some methods to resolve the issue of Amazon firestick no signal on sony tv. Here are some tips for it 

Step 1: Firstly, turn off your sony tv and remove HDMI cable from its ports 

Step 2: Now unplug Amazon stick from power supply 

Step 3: After that wait for 15 minutes in order to complete the process

Step 4: Next turn ON your tv and plug it again in firestick.

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Improve Configured Cables or Ports

HDMI ports and cables are the most important resources. With this cables you can quickly pass the information to other, but if any disturbances or interferences in this cable will leads to firestick no signal on Sony tv

Step 1: For this you need to check whether the cables is connected properly to the ports

Step 2: If any problem with your HDMI cables you can replace them with new one

Step 3: If you’re using Amazon firestick, you need to ensure that HDMI cable is original one

Step 4: Also check all your ports are working properly or not

Change Screen Resolution

Sometimes screen resolution will also affect the system performance, with that you may face the issue of Amazon fire stick no signal on sony tv 

Step 1: For this you need to fix the screen resolution

Step 2: Now press and hold the remind and up button on your tv remote control 

Step 3: Next their you will find screen resolution

Step 4: Based on you’re requirements you can set it 

Step 5: After that save all your settings

Restart Sony Smart tv

If you still facing the issue then go with this method by following the steps

Step 1: Firstly, turn of your sony tv

Step 2: Now remove all HDMI ports

Step 3: After that wait for few minutes

Step 4: Next restart your tv

Step 5: Then connect so your HDMI ports again

Step 6: Now check whether you’re problem is solved or not

Check Network Settings 

When you are facing this type of issue you need to check your network settings 

Step 1: For this you can use you’re personal computer 

Step 2: After that go to control panel on your pc and tap on network followed by network settings 

Step 3: Next tap on manage network connection

Step 4: Then tap on property which provide information related to the network settings

Also you can check you’re network settings by using direct firestick 

Step 5: For this you need to go to firestick home screen

Step 6: Their you will find system menu

Step 7: Now tap on play and pause button 

Step 8: You need to perform this process for 30 – 40 seconds, with this you can overcome the issue.