Sony Smart tv Factory Reset without remote hard reset

If you are looking to factory rest your Sony smart tv without remote, in case if your Sony Bravia remote is not responding or Sony smart tv keeps on restarting or freezes or any other issues with Sony tv, then you can easily perform factory reset by using buttons on Sony smart tv. So, lets see in detail how to perform hard factory reset on Sony Bravia smart tv.

Sony smart tv factory reset without remote:

Step 1: Unplug your Sony Smart tv.

Step 2: Press and Hold Power Button and volume down button same time and plug your tv power cable.

Step 3: Wait for sony logo appears on your sony smart tv and let it go (release power button and volume down key).

Step 4: Now your Sony smart tv will perform factory reset .

Step 5: On your Sony smart tv you will now see erasing on your screen and wait for sony smart tv to perform factory reset without remote.

Step 6: Now your Sony Bravia smart tv will restart automatically.

Info: It will take up to 5 to 10 minutes to factory reset and will android smart tv will boot again.

That’s it, this is how you reset sony bravia smart tv without remote.

Now once factory reset is completed successfully and your smart tv boots up, then you need to complete the setup process right from the beginning like language, region and wifi and everything coz factory reset will erase everything like user data and everything (Just like a Brand new phone).

Where are buttons located on Sony Bravia Smart tv?

In some Sony Bravia smart tv models, buttons are located on the back right hand side or in middle and in some old models buttons are located on the front end.

Can I reset Sony smart tv factory reset without remote?

Yes! You can factory reset your Sony Bravia smart tv using remote if you remote is not responding or any other issues.

How to Factory reset Sony smart tv without remote?

Locate buttons on your smart tv and Unplug your tv and Press and hold power button and volume down button and plug back cable and release the keys.

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