How to Fix Chromecast Not Connecting on Sony Bravia Smart tv

In this article we will be showing you how to fix Sony TV not working with Chromecast when trying to connect. Before I begin the process to fix this issue is first make sure that same Wi-Fi is used for connecting both device and Sony Smart TV and also check that your Chrome cast built in or Google cast receiver app is enabled . Now let’s start the procedure to fix this issue.

Chromecast Not Connecting on Sony Bravia Smart tv

Fix Sony TV Chromecast Not Connecting On Sony tv

Enable google cast receiver by following below steps

How to Enable Google Cast Receiver

Chromecast Not Connecting on Sony Bravia Smart tv

Step 1: Switch on the TV and go to the settings menu.

Step 2: From the setting select Apps and click on see all apps.

Step 3: under this go to Chromecast built in or Google cast receiver and click on enable. (for Android 9 and above).

For Android 8.0 and older versions

Apps> Chromecast built in/Google cast receiver >enable.

Clear Cache and Clear Data

The next step is clearing cache and data to perform this

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Click on apps

Step 3: Click on see all apps

Step 4: Click on show system apps

Step 5: Click on cast functions

Step 6: Click on clear data and then click on ok

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For Android 8.0 or older version

  • Go to settings
  • Select Apps
  • Click on cast function apps
  • Click on clear data then click on ok

Reset Sony Bravia Smart TV

To perform reset on Sony Bravia Smart tv follow below steps

Step 1: Hold the power button for about 5 seconds until a pop up is displayed that has options power off.

Step 2: After clicking on power you may get the restart option -> tap on it.

It may take a few seconds and it will restart automatically.

Update your Sony Bravia Smart tv

Now update your TV to latest version software by navigating to Settings -> Customer Support -> Setup -> Software Update -> Check for update and update is available update sony bravia tv and wait for the update to complete.

Update Chromecast Built in Android System Webview

Perform the same for Chromecast built in and Android system webview.

After the uninstall process reset the TV and update Android system webview and chrome cast built in to latest version .To do this

Go to apps > see all apps > show system apps > Android system webview > uninstall updates > ok.

For Android 8.0 and older versions

Go to apps>android system webview> uninstall updates> ok.

Follow the same for Chromecast built in after installation update all the apps to latest version using play store.

Step 1: Set the time settings in both TV and your device.

Step 2: restart the router

Follow the above steps and at last restart your TV your problem will be fixed.

What to do if Sony Bravia Smart tv Chromecast now working

You can use third party screen mirroring apps like Apowermirror, Screencast, Miracast, Anycast on sony smart tv.


 By performing all above steps your chromecast cast not working or chrome cast not connecting on sony tv will be fixed successfully and you can cast sony bravia tv using mobile. iphone mac or windows laptop.

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