Cast to device not working Sony Bravia Smart tv

How to Fix Cast to device not working Sony Bravia Smart tv

  • To fix cast to device not working -> Restart your router and make sure that cast to device is enabled or not.
  • Quick fix: Clear cache and clear data of cast app and Perform power reset and restart your sony smart tv.
  • Try updating your sony smart tv to latest software.

On your Sony bravia tv and you are unable to cast it from your mobile to tv or casting from iPhone to sony tv or iPad to Sony and you tried all the ways and still not working so here are some solutions to fix the issue.

How to fix Cast to Device Not Working on Sony Bravia

Follow below steps to fix cast to device not working issue.

Connect Wifi to Same Network

Ensure that your mobile or tablet and tv are connected to the same wifi network and you enter the correct password and also make sure that your password is correct.

Check Google Cast Receiver app is Enabled or Not 

Ensure chrome cast in built or google cast receiver app is not enabled or not. If you want to check it go through the steps

Step 1: Firstly, open your settings screen.

Step 2: After that go to Apps option followed by see all apps next shows system apps.

Step 3: Next choose chrome cast built-in or google cast receiver followed by enabled or disabled.

Restart your Wireless Router

Restart your wireless router, for this unplug router from its power and wait at least 3 minutes and again reconnect it.

Clear Cache and Clear Data of Cast App

Clear cast function app data, for Android System webview and chrome cast built in

Step 1: Open your settings screen

Step 2: Next, choose apps followed by see all apps then show system apps and cast function apps.

Step 3: Choose Clear Data, Next tap on Ok.

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Reset your Sony Smart tv

Then perform a reset operation to your tv. If you failed with this step, next go to restart.

Step 1: Press Home button -> Settings -> Device Preferences.

Step 2: Select Reset and confirm reset sony bravia smart tv.

Restart your Mobile Phone

Restart your mobile phone. For sometimes turn off your mobile and wait for at least one minute and turn it back again. Else you can go for updating tv software.

Update Sony Smart tv to fix Cast to Device Not Working

If you still facing the issue then go with  the latest software upgradation, for this go to settings and check for any updates required to perform it. Steps for updating software.

Step 1: On your remote control press home button followed by settings 

Step 2: From settings Choose device option followed by preferences.

Step 3: After that go with about option followed by system update

Check time and date settings (correct time)

Ensure that both your tv and mobile device has correct time settings