Can’t Connect VIZIO Soundbar to Smartcast App

  • To fix Vizio Soundbar not connecting to Smartcast app you need to make sure that you update your vizio soundbar to the latest version.
  • Try resetting your vizio sound bar by turning on and unplug vizio sound bar and power cable for 30 seconds and connecting after 30 seconds
  • Make sure your vizio soundbar is connected to wifi and Restart your router and modem, reset all settings as well.

With its stylish design and updated features, VIZIO offers one of the best sound bars in the present day market. Many users or customers are learning towards a VIZIO- branded soundbar and it is one of the perfect partners to live up your home theater setup.

Sometimes we are unable to connect the VIZIO soundbar to the smartcast app because software or firm updates are very important to keep your tech-laden audio device fresh. VIZIO made it easy for every user to update the device software on any of their soundbar.

Update VIZIO Soundbar

If any new firmware version is available, then your VIZIO soundbar automatically download it and you need to connect your device to internet using VIZIO smart cast app.

Step 1: First you have to download the VIZIO smartcast app on your mobile or tablet from google play store or IOS app store.

Step 2: Next, place your soundbar to wifi setup mode by clicking menu button on the Vizio soundbar remote. Then use the arrow keys to locate the wifi setup option.

Step 3: Use the Keys play/pause options to select wifi setup and confirm your selection  by clicking the same buttons again.

Step 4: When it is under pairing mode, the front LEDS of soundbar start to cycle an indication.

Step 5:  IN VIZIO smartcast app, scroll down and click on device settings on home screen. After that click on add new device option and follow on screen prompts.

Step 6: Now, your VIZIO soundbar is connected to internet. In smart cast app open settings, then go for the system and check for update on Vizio smart cast mobile app.

Step 7: Click on yes to confirm your choice to check for updates. Then the soundbar will power off when an update is available.

Step 8: Then it start downloading new firmware and install it automatically. This update will take uptime 30 minutes to complete the download.

Step 9: The connection to the smart cast app to soundbar will lost as the update is being installed.

Step 10: Once update is completed, the LED power will remain on and smart cast app connection will be restored.

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Reset your Vizio Soundbar

Step 1: Unplug power cables from vizio sound bar and wait for 30 seconds.

Step 2: Plug back after 30 seconds

Step 3: Turn on the vizio sound bar.


Don’t turn on your soundbar manually during the update process. If it is interrupted you have to perform update from starting. Make sure to keep the soundbar connected to power during the update process.

If your VIZIO soundbar update is not downloading through the smartcast app, then try to download it by manually and install the device software update.

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