How to Connect Soundbar to TCL Android Smart TV

Connecting soundbar to TCL android TV is not different from a soundbar to another smart TVs well it is quite easy if you have the right components. First you have to figure out the connections which you want to use because these connections have to be compatible with both devices.

 If you have the proper connections, then you can turn on your TV and look straight for the settings option on your tcl smart tv.

Connect Soundbar to TCL Android Smart tv

Step 1: Go for the settings, select the connections that you have like HDMI Arc, digital optical RLA etc.

Step 2: Make Sure that all inputs are completely secure  if not they could may lead to one side audio, server lag or no sound at all.

Step 3: All connections have been secured and once double check all connections then you can test the sound.

Step 4: Now, turn on your TV and play your favorite music or movie. Then wait for the sound to come out of soundbar.

Nowadays many are using smart TV. So setup and settings are straightforward and simple.

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Setup Soundar to TCl Android Smart tv

Step 1: Connect soundbar to TCL Android TV and turn on both devices.

Step 2: Then turn on settings on your TV  and click on control other devices.

Step 3: Pull up the system audio control on main menu and enable the connections you have selected. 

Step 4: After that return to home and check for the soundbar working.

If your soundbar is designed with dolby technology. You can set it surround sound audio then simply the device to dolby D+ now will get the best sound setting from your device. If your sound bar is capable of decoding this type of audio then follow the below steps.

  • Go for the settings on your TCL Android TV and choose audio.
  • After that set the HDMI application to one of the surround sound technology.
  • Then perform the same in audio mode.
  • Return back to home screen and enjoy the surround sound.

Once your soundbar is connected to TCL Android TV then it enhances the sound produced by Android TV speakers. In this way, it will improve your viewing experience especially when surround sound now is in the standard Mode.

With the right soundbar connection and settings in right place you can experience sound in more realistic manner.

Vangari Divya
Vangari Divya
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