How to Turn on Vizio Smart TV Without Remote

Vizio tv are off the best high-quality tv which  provides efficient and adorable options for its users. Vizio smart tv became more popular in smart tv work because of its ultimate features like 4K resolutions with HDR & UHD capacity. At present scenario every digital and electronic  gadget becomes much smarter which can be controlled without any usage of physical remote. For this many smart tv companies providing a smart phone application wirelessly to operate from a distance without any physical remote. So here are some methods for operating vizio tv without any physical remote. In this article we provided some simple ways to operate vizio smart tv without any remote.

If your vizio smart tv remote control is not working or power button not working on vizio tv remote then you have plenty of options to turn on vizio smart tv without remote like using Smartcast app on vizio tv, google home, chromecast, IR Based smart remote apps.

Method:1 By Using VIZIO Smartcast app

Step:1 Firstly open google play store app and search for smart cast app and download it.

Step:2 After that open smart cast app on your smart device.

Step:3 Now add and control downloaded smart cast app on your vizio tv directly from your smartphone.

Step:4 Next open the smart cast app on your phone and just hit on control option.

Step:5 After opening the control option click on the device option on the top corner. After that select device from the available list.

Step:6 After completing your television selection now click on control menu. Now it starts working like a normal tv remote.

Step:7 Next swipe left to access the screen movement to control and operate television without any issue.

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Method: 2 Google Home or Chromecast

If you have any problem with a smart cast app then simply swift to google home or chrome cast app. From this you can easily control your smart tv without any requirement of a physical remote. Let follow some simple steps to connect your app with smart tv to operate tv without any physical remote.

Step:1 Open google  home/ chrome cast in your mobile phone and connect it to your vizio smart tv. Step:2 Firstly check that your vizio smart tv and mobile phone are connected to the same WiFi. 

Step:3 Now open your google chrome in your mobile and select the three dots option which is on the top right corner. 

Step:4 Next select dropdown arrow on your mobile phone.

Step:5 Now click on vizio pled option in your smart tv.

Method: 3 Using IR based Smart Remote App

If you not overcomes the problem from the above method let try this method with few steps

Step:1 Firstly download IR smart remote app from google play store 

Step:2 Now open  IR smart remote app and select tv option from the available list

Step:3 Next select your smart tv model from all the available models 

Step:4 It displays like is your Tv on or not then click on ON.

Step:5 Now point your mobile phone to the vizio smart tv directly.

Step:6 Now it operates simply like a smart tv remote.

It is a very smart move by considering the above mentioned methods. With this methods you can conveniently operate your vizio smart tv without any physical remote.

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