Remote Not Working On VIZIO Smart TV?

On your vizio smart tv suddenly your vizio smart tv remote not responding to remote buttons like when you press power button or V button on vizio smart tv remote not working or any other button not working then you can easily fix this issue by several different methods and make your remote working fine without buying a new vizio smart tv remote or replacing a new remote without contacting vizio support.

How to Fix Remote Not Working on Vizio Smart tv

fix remote not working on vizio smart tv

These are some of the simple and easiest steps to resolve this remote problem of vizio smart tv and troubleshoot vizio tv remote and by these simple and easy steps you can solve the problem easily and these ways are most effective worked for all vizio smart tv users who are facing issue with vizio smart tv remote.

Make Sure Nothing is Getting blocked in the IR sensor (front of Vizio Smart tv)

If you are blocking remote signals interferences of your vizio smart tv remote and your vizio smart tv by placing something in front of your tv accidentally and remove anything which is in front of your vizio smart tv IR sensor of your vizio smart tv. If you block signal interference between vizio smart tv remote and vizio smart tv it gets blocked and remote buttons will not respond.

Power Cycle the Remote

Step 1: Grab your vizio smart tv remote and remove batteries from the back side of your remote.

Step 2: Once you remove batteries -> press each and every button on your vizio tv remote so that if anything gets stuck inside the remote like dust, makeup or anything should go away. 

Note: You can also speed up this process from 1 time to 4 to 5 times each.

Step 3: Once done..insert the batteries back on your remote.

That’s it, once you insert the batteries and power cycle vizio smart tv remote your remote not working on vizio smart tv will start working again. In case, if you still have issues then follow other methods here.

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Change Batteries or Insert New batteries

If batteries are dried out then you obviously notice and the vizio smart tv remote will not work, in this case you need to insert new batteries and see if your remote is working or not after inserting new batteries on your vizio smart tv remote.

Contact Support and Replace Vizio Smart tv Remote

You tired all the above solutions and still facing issues and remote not working on vizio smart tv then you need to contact vizio smart tv support and ask for the replacement of vizio tv remote, there might be a chip inside the remote is damaged and you need to replace remote. 

Troubleshooting Methods for Vizio Smart tv Remote not working issue

1) Change batteries

2) Click on power button for some second (5 second),and then press every button of remote and check whether it is working or not

3) Unplug the TV from the power outlet

4) Reset the remote to clear the memory

5) Make sure that the battery must be new

6) Replacement of the remote

7) you can also try vizio smart tv remote troubleshooting codes also.

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