Fix: iPhone Screen Brightness Issue on iOS 14.7 and Screen Gets Dimmer


  • On your iPhone if you are encountering  iPhone screen brightness issues like iPhone screen brightness suddenly gets dropped or screen dimming with auto-brightness featured turn on or turned off. then you need to check whether automatic brightness is turned off.
  • To fix the screen brightness issue on iPhone you need to disable truetone, turn off night shift feature, and set low light option to none.

The mobile operating system iOS developed by “APPLE INC” .  The latest beta version  of iOS 14 is “ 14.7 beta 2 “ released on “ June 2 ,2021” 

 There are many users who use iPhone models and there are some iPhone users who face screen brightness problems after updating their iPhone to the latest version or even if they haven’t updated their iPhone as well. So, here is the solution provided to you step by step, So that you can solve problems very easily, let’s see them in detail below.

How to fix iPhone Screen Brightness issue on iOS 14.7

There are many ways that you can fix the issue of the iPhone screen brightness problem and you can do it on your own.

1: Automatic Brightness Must Be Turned OFF

If your iPhone screen dims on its own , you need to turn off the automatic brightness option from accessibility settings.

Step 1: Click on ”SETTINGS

Step 2: Then click on “ Accessibility


Step 4: Then, scroll to the bottom and then Tap on turn off

2: DISABLE TRUETONE to fix iPhone screen Brightness issue

 It doesn’t always work perfectly and may cause frequent fluctuations in the iPhone screen brightness and colors. So, try disabling TrueTone to see if it solves the issue.

Step 1: Launch settings on your iPhone


Step 3: Now, you need to turn off truetone here ->  turn off “TRUETONE”.

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3: Turn OFF Night  Shift Feature

Night Shift is another feature that turns your screen slightly warmer to help reduce eye strain. While it has very little to do with brightness, it might make your screen appear dimmer than usual.

Step 1: Open “ SETTINGS” on your iPhone


Step 3: Tap  “NIGHT SHIFT “ option.

Step 4: Turn off both options.

4: Low Light ZOOM FILTER

The most common reason behind the darker or dim screen on iPhone is the low-light Zoom filter in settings. 


Step 2: Click on “ ACCESSIBILITY”

Step 3: Then click on “ZOOM” option

Step 4: On the next iPhone screen, see if the feature is turned on -> If yes, click on Zoom Filters at the bottom and If it’s set to Low-Light, change it to None.

5: TURN OFF Low Power Mode

  Step 1: Click on  “SETTINGS”

Step 2: Go to the “Battery section”

Step 3: Turn off  the toggle for Low Power Mode

6: Overheating OF iPhone

High ambient temperatures like using the iPhone under the direct sun can cause it to heat up. If it gets too warm, it may try to regulate the temperature by slowing down or stopping charging, throttling performance as well as dimming down the display.

“Other Additional ways to fix iPhone screen Brightness issue

1) Restart your iPhone

2) Increase “ AUTO – LOCK TIME”

3) Update your iPhone

4) Data factory reset

5) At last you can contact “APPLE SUPPORT”

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