Mi TV Stick Connected But No Internet

How to Fix Mi TV Stick Connected But No Internet

  • To fix change the channel 1 to another and change DNS settings, unplug device and plug it back again and make sure your mi tv stick is compatible with your router.

Mi TV Stick is small and can be plugged into your TV through HDMI port and even you can connect to your projectors or monitor to make them into smart television. MI TV stick comes with the remote that can be used to control the devices. Mi TV stick is one of the good solution for connecting a standard TV into an Android smart TV. While you are connecting there is some problem with mi TV stick and many customers have complaint that their TV stick establish a connection and even connect to home wifi but it shows no internet access. 

First make sure that your TV stick has a good wifi signal range and no other device will interface with that wifi frequency near TV. If MI TV stick connects to only a few wifi channels. So, changing the default auto channel selection to a particular channel number on your WLAN fixes the setting connected.

Steps to fix MI TV Stick wifi Connection Network

Step 1: Connect your router to your smartphone/ computer via a wifi or LAN cable.

Step 2: Open chrome browser, then type router IP address in the address box and press enter.

Step 3: Login with the username and password of the router(it will be back of your router).

Step 4: After login to the homepage, then go to WLAN setup. There you can see the select channel option.

Step 5: Click on the menu and select channel 1. Click on OK to save settings.

Step 6: Now, open your TV and MI TV stick should connect to the internet without any delay. If channel 1 interferes with nearby wifi, then try another channel number.

Step 7: Check whether the DNS  and gateway in the wireless network are normal. If it is set to  recommended mi TV wifi will be automatically obtained. If you see a manual to get IP address and check whether DNS is correct.

Step 7: There is interference from any source of the same frequency near mi TV, turn off all other wifi receiving interrupts, wireless network card, Bluetooth and then restart the router and box and try.

1) Turn off MI TV and restart after minutes of inactivity to see if it is connected.

2) Restore MI TV to factory settings and then try to change the DNS server address.

3) Go to settings and search for the wifi

icon and click on it.

4) Tap the wifi name connected. Turn it off and ON again.

5) Scroll down to the DNS server and type and then save settings.

6) If MI TV wifi is not working, change the DNS server to or

If MI TV Stick Says Access to Internet with Slow Network

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Unplug Device and Plug Back Again

  • It is one of the easiest methods that you can try before moving for technical stuff. Start removing your device from television.
  • Wait for a few minutes and it helps the device to delete all temporary information stored in memory. You can reconnect the device and start using without any problem.

MI Stick Not Compatible with Router

1) If you are using a dual band router to connect your stuck with internet then this one of the reason for getting errors. It supports only for few frequency band options to work.

2) Turn off dual band frequency and stay using one of them. If you don’t want to use them start using different frequency bands on your device.

3) After that check the speed of your internet and if it is connected with good speed change all of these one by one.

4) You can find the bandwidth that works on your router. After this selection, it saves the settings. This should allow you to use your internet without any interruptions.