How to Mirror My Mac Screen on a Samsung Smart TV

  • To mirror your Mac Screen to Samsung smart tv -> turn on airplay on both devices -> Samsung smart tv and your MacBook and On your Macbook click on Airplay button and select sasmung smart tv and start mirroring your screen on samsung tv.
  • We need to turn on Airplay on Samsung tv and MacBook as well in order to mirror my mac screen on a samsung smart tv.

So maybe you’re working from home or maybe you’re wanting to get some bigger screen real estate on your laptop, specifically a Mac Book well today I’m going to show you guys how you can do that using your Samsung TV and your Mac Book Pro and you can connect smart tv to hotspot. Here I’m gonna show you really cool tech tip and how you can take your MacBook pro and mirror it to your Samsung TV using what’s called Airplay. 

Now on every Mac book or any kind of newer apple device whether it be an iPad or an iPhone to Smart tv or your newer MacBook Pro have Airplay built in to them so therefore you can take and use your airplay settings and you need to turn on airplay on your mac and turn on airplay on your samsung smart tv to mirror whatever’s going on here on your Mac or phone or your iPad to another screen and so now I’m gonna show you how you can do it on Samsung. 

Samsung back in a day did not have this type of feature you had to buy what was called an Apple TV device a whole another extra component in order to get that casting or that mirroring effect onto a TV but now Samsung is playing well with Apple and they’re making this so that they’re building that feature into the all their newer TVs so that way you don’t have to buy anything extra apple device or roku, firestick etc and you can just mirror wirelessly with no wires which is a great thing.  

How to Mirror my Mac Screen on a Samsung Smart tv

So I’m going to show you how to do that.  Now what I have here is a newer MacBook Pro I do have and I’m going to show you guys how to mirror this using this or let’s go through a step-by-step process and I’ll give you I’ll let you guys see it okay.

Setting up Samsung Smart tv to Mirror Macbook Screen to Samsung tv

Step 1:  So the first thing you’re gonna want to do is grab your remote and hit the home button.

Step 2: And then you’re gonna go all the way to the bottom go all the way

to the left where that settings icon is right there click on settings and it brings up the new menu here.

Step 3:  Now, scroll down to general and click on it and then go to Apple Airplay settings.

Step 4:  Highlight Apple Airplay Settings and click enter which brings up airplay settings and in here make sure that Airplay settings are turned on.

Note: You need to enter code now and this code is required when you are connecting for time only and it’ll save your settings once you do.

so now, let’s  jump over to our MacBook and finishing up the settings process to mirror macbook to samsung smart tv.

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Setup Process in Mac book

Step1 :  Turn on your Macbook Pro or any you have -> On top of your macbook screen you will see a little TV icon with a triangle -> Go ahead and click on it ( That is Airplay).

Step 2:  As you can see it says Airplay – and it already detected your Samsung  TV . Click on it and select your Samsung Smart tv listed below.

Step 3: You will be prompted to enter code on your samsung smart tv screen if it asks for code enter the code which is shown on your samsung smart tv. (this code option may or may not asked for all samsung smart tvs).

Step 4: Once you enter the code and hit connect -> then the screen goes black for a second and it will start mirroring your macbook screen to samsung smart tv.

That’s it, this is how you mirror a macbook screen to Samsung smart tv. if you are wondering how to mirror my macbook to samsung smart tv then this guide will help you to obtain mirroring your mac screen to Samsung tv using airplay and you can also use casting options like Chromecast, miracast, apowermirror apps as well.

FAQ on Mirror My Mac Screen to Samsung tv

On your macbook -> click on the airplay button on top of your screen -> Select your samsung smart tv.

If you cant see the airplay button on macbook then this is because you have not turned on Airplay on Your Mac.

Press Home button on your Samsung tv remote -> Click on Settings -> General -> click on Apple Airplay Settings and turn on Airplay here.

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