How to Connect or Airplay iPhone to Samsung Smart TV – Screen Mirror or cast Screen

To connect or Airplay iPhone to Samsung smart tv -> Turn on Airplay on Samsung tv and Screen mirror iPhone to Samsung tv and you can cast or screen mirror all apple devices like iPad, iMac, MacBook to your Samsung TV and also samsung tablet to samsung smart tv as well. Let’s see how to connect iPhone to Samsung smart tv using airplay and before connecting make sure to check airplay supported devices here.

All New Samsung Smart tv comes with Airplay inbuilt, so that you can mirror your iPhone (apple devices) content to Samsung smart tv, not only that you can screen mirror or cast and mirror your macbook to samsung tv or iMac or iPad to Samsung tv or iPhone, and connect Samsung tv to google home.

connect iphone to samsung smart tv using airplay

Previously with older version there is no option of airplay you need to buy apple tv device and cast it or screen mirror iPhone and apple is very expensive to buy.

How to Connect iPhone to Samsung Smart tv Using Airplay

Step 1: Go ahead and hit the home button on your remote which brings up the menu on the bottom of the screen.

press home button on your remote

Step 2: Navigate to Settings using arrow keys and press ok on Remote (Middle Button).

open settings on your samsung smart tv

Step 3: A box will pop up and then go down to General and go to Apple airplay Settings.

click on general and then select airplay settings

Step 4: Now, Samsung smart tv brings up new menu and make sure Airplay is ON

turn on airplay on samsung smart tv

Step 5: And also make sure required code one time only (so that you don’t need to add code whenever you connect iPhone to Samsung smart tv.

Step 6: Now, On your iPhone and Swipe from top to bottom on right side corner and access control center and tap on screen mirroring option.

Select screen mirror option to connect samsung smart tv

Step 7: Once you tap on it, depending on your wifi network that you are connected to your samsung smart tv will be detected. (Make sure your tv and your phone are connected to the same wifi network), you will see your Samsung smart tv which you want to connect.

Step 8: Select your Samsung tv which you want to connect and tap on it to mirror your iPhone to your Samsung smart tv.

select samsung smart and connect to iphone

Note: This feature will not work on every Samsung tv, this will work on Samsung tv in which airplay is inbuilt and compatible.

Step 9: Your iPhone starts mirroring your iPhone screen on your smart tv now.

That’s it, this is how you connect iPhone to Samsung smart tv or mirror you iphone to Samsung tv.

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Using SmartView App connect iPhone to Samsung Smart tv and USB, HDMI?

There are 3rd party apps which helps you to connect iphone to hisene smart tv using Smartview (built in feature by samsung) without using Airplay, Airplay 2 or other models.

Alternatively, You can also connect iPhone to Samsung smart tv without using wifi, by using USB, HDMI ports, router and also using Samsung smart tv apps or external apps like apowermirror or miracast or google chromecast device.

Why Screen Mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV not Working

Screen mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV not working

Power Reset Samsung TV

If screen mirroring iPhone to Samsung tv is not working then you need to restart your Samsung smart tv (Soft Reset) by just unplugging power cable and wait for 30 seconds and plug back power cable.

Force Restart iPhone

Force restart your iPhone which will help you fix screen mirroring not working on your iPhone.

Connect to Same WIFI Network

Also you need to make sure that when you are connecting iPhone or screen mirroring iPhone to Samsung tv you need to connected to the same wifi network and make sure your both devices – iPhone and Samsung smart tv are connected to same wifi network.

Samsung TV Airplay Settings Not Available

If Samsung tv airplay settings are not available then you need to update your Samsung tv to the latest software version and change your region or country and power reset your Samsung tv by unplugging power cable -> wait for 60 seconds -> Plug back Samsung tv power cable back to wall socket and turn on Samsung tv.

Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV free without Paid Apps

You can mirror iPhone to Samsung tv free by using built in airplay (Chromecast,) and use any free casting or screen mirroring apps on Samsung tv and iPhone.

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and swipe from top to bottom and bring up control center

Step 2: Now, tap on screen mirror option on your iPhone

Step 3: Now, On your Samsung tv -> Go to Settings and then go to airplay settings and turn on airplay on samsung smart tv.

Step 4: Now, on your iPhone when you tap on screen mirror -> select your Samsung smart tv from the list of available Smart tv’s and tap on it.

Step 5: Enter the 4 digit code which appears on your Samsung tv screen on your iPhone and start screen mirroring or cast your iPhone to Samsung smart tv.

That’s it, this is how you connect iPhone to Samsung tv using airplay built in airplay option.

Can you Connect iPhone to Samsung TV?

Yes! you can connect it easily by turning on Airplay on Samsung smart tv and start screen mirroring from iPhone to Samsung smart tv.

How to Airplay on Samsung tv

Airplay is inbuilt on Samsung smart tv with new releases and you need to just navigate to Airplay settings ->Turn on and Enable airplay and start screen mirroring iPhone to Samsung smart tv.

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