How to airplay to Samsung tv from MAC

How to Airplay to Samsung tv from MacBook

With airplay you can cast movies, music and tv shows directly from your iPhone or MAC with Samsung tv. Samsung tv designed in way which support both Apple tv app and airplay2 check here for supporting airplay model. Not only airplay allow you to stream audio to one room, also you can set up to share to multiple rooms. In this article we are mentioning some tips to cast all your favourite contents from iPhone or MAC with your Samsung tv. If you are using airplay with Samsung  you can easily operate by simply tapping on your device which help us to control options like fast forward  play, pause and rewind to adjust the volume on your Samsung tv. While airplay is compatible with Samsung tv, Amazon echo, best hub max etc.

Difference Between Bluetooth and Airplay

While airplay works via Wi-Fi connection while enables us to stream audio and video contents. When compared with bluetooth. We can also share video by using airplay which cannot able to do with bluetooth. And we can share contents with bluetooth in the same room. By using airplay we can stream contents With multiple speakers at a time, without any need of additional sender devices we can create a multiform streaming system. Well, in bluetooth it allow streaming to one device.

Difference Between Screen Casting and Screen Mirroring

From the above mentioned details we came to know that airplay allow us to mirror or screen with selected smart tv, is really their difference between casting and mirroring. With the help of screen mirroring you can easily mirror your phone to a large screen. With help of screen casting you can share contents in real-time which include video, images and audio through internet.

How to Use Airplay on Samsung tv

Step 1: If you want to share your favourite contents through airplay then we  need to ensure that your Wi-Fi is turned on your Samsung smart tv.

Step 2: Also make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi. 

Step 3: Now, go ahead and find Airplay Status in the menu bar of your MacBook (side by wifi icon on top right corner).

Step 4: So select your Samsung Smart tv from the list of available tvs and click on it and you are done with casting.

Step 5: If you want to end casting then tap on Airplay icon and turn it off.

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How to Change Airplay Settings on Samsung Smart tv

If you want to share contents on Samsung tv you need to adjust airplay settings on Samsung tv, then follow the below steps.

Step 1: Firstly, go to settings option followed by general option

Step 2: Then choose Apple  airplay settings which display several options

Airplay : In this you can turn on and off airplay feature 

Captioning and subtitle : In this section you can select turn subtitles on and off option

About airplay: In this section you can find current firmware of the software and updates