How to fix Airplay not working on Samsung Smart tv

  • To fix Airplay Not Working on samsung smart tv -> you need to check for samsung tv airplay update on samsung tv and try and change DNS settings and get back your airplay working on samsung tv.
  • Try enabling airplay and disabling airplay on samsung tv settings option and refresh airplay settings.
  • You can also try updating router firmware and reset samsung smart hub on samsung tv.

If your Samsung tv os of the host device or firmware is not working properly then airplay not work on samsung tv. Whereas, Samsung Tv’s wrong configuration settings will also cause the problems and first you need to turn on airplay on Samsung smart tv to check its working or not and if airplay not working then this problem is caused due to airplay content from Apple product to a Samsung tv but we are unable to connect it. Whereas sometimes Samsung tv even unable to show your device in airplay. In this article we are providing some sort of solutions to resolve the issue.

fix Airplay not working on Samsung Smart tv

How to fix Airplay Now Working on Samsung Smart tv

When you turn on airplay on Samsung tv and it doesnt turn on or having issues turning on airplay or airplay not working on samsung tv then follow these below samsung troubleshooting guides will help you get rid of airplay issue.

fix airplay not working on Samsung Smart tv

Update your Samsung tv firmware

If your Samsung tv firmware outdated this issue may occur, to resolve the issue its better to update Samsung tv firmware,  in order to update firmware follow the below mentioned instructions

  • Step 1: On your samsung tv remote -> launch your Samsung tv settings and choose support
  • Step 2: Next, open software update option followed by update now 
  • Step 3: After that check for if any updates available, if it showing updates, click on download and install 
  • Step 4: Once done with the updating process -> Go ahead and check whether airplay is  working on samsung tv.

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Edit DNS Settings of tv

If you change your DNS settings If may resolve your issue

  • Step 1: First, tap on network tab from your tv settings and choose network status 
  • Step 2: After that tap on IP settings button and open DNS settings
  • Step 3: Next, change enter manually and type the defined values
  • Step 4: Then switch off your tv, in order to apply made changes
  • Step 5: Finally, wait for 1-2 minutes to power ON your tv.

Reset Samsung Smart hub

Sometimes, resetting samsung smart hub may also helpful to resolve the issue for this follow the instructions 

Step 1: Firstly, launch Samsung tv settings and choose support

Step 2: After that open device care and choose  self diagnostic 

Step 3: Now choose reset smart hub and enter the tv PIN

Step 4: Once done with the process. Set it up and now check if airplay connecting or not

Disable and Enable Airplay on tv Settings 

Some temporary malfunction in tv may cause the airplay issue, for this disable and enable airplay in Samsung tv settings to resolve the issue.

Step 1: Go to general option in your tv settings and open Apple airplay settings 

Step 2: Next, choose airplay and disable it

Step 3: Now again enable it and check it is working or not

Update Router’s Firmware 

Step 1: By using web browser login to your router’s web portal

Step 2: Next, open router settings and move forward to administration

Step 3: After that open firmware update, or router update and apply made changes

If once you completed the process of updating router firmware, check the Samsung tv is clear of the airplay problem and hopefully airplay not working on samsung smart tv will be fixed successfully by following above methods.

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