How do I Fix Half Dark Screen on Samsung TV?

When you turn on samsung smart tv if you are getting to see half dark screen on samsung tv and other half is working fine then this is a mainboard issue or screen damage issue and you can try these simple solutions and fix this issue on your own and then go to samsung repair center and ask them to repair half dark screen problem with your samsung tv. So, lets see in detail below.

There are few other possible reasons which can cause screen damage issue which leads to half screen black or dark on samsung tv like cleaning your samsung tv hard with cloth or using wrong screen cleaning solutions or due to backlight or due to faulty hdmi cable.

Half Dark Screen on Samsung TV?

Follow below samsung tv troubleshooting tips here and see if this resolves the issue with half dark screen or half black screen issue.

Power Reset or Hard Reset

Step 1: Turn off Samsung tv and then Unplug samsung tv power cable from wall socket completely and remove power source.

Step 2: Wait for 60 or more seconds and then plug back the removed power cable back and turn on samsung tv.

Step 3: wait for samsung tv to completely reboot and turn on and then check if samsung tv screen is still half black or the problem is resolved.

When you power reset samsung tv then any minor technical or software or other issues can be fixed.

Remove External Devices

If you have connected any external devices like harddrive, usb flash drive, cable box or any other external device to samsung tv then you need to remove them completely and turn on samsung tv and check.

You need to remove all connected cables and turn them off and wait for 60 seconds and plug all connected cables and check.

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Remove and Plug Back HDMI Cables

If hdmi cables are not connected properly or have lose connectivity problems then this might cause the issue and you need to remove hdmi cables and plug them back properly and check.

Backlight Burnout

Turn off all lights in your room and turn on samsung tv and see if you can see half screen on samsung tv and if you can see half screen now, then your samsung tv backlight is burned out and you need to contact samsung tv support and replace samsung tv backlight.

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