Samsung Smart tv New AI and Smart Features on Samsung Neo QLED, OLED

At European Tech Seminar samsung has featured its new and upcoming samsung smart tv with powerful AI(Artificial Intelligence) with its innovative AI technology features on Samsung Neo, QLED, OLED and also with lifestyle products as well.

Samsung is always in the first place to bring new technology in a new way whether its a samsung galaxy mobile with circle to search with samsung galaxy s22 mobile, samsung is not leaving behind with samsung smart tv’s as well. Bringing AI to Smart tv is very useful for users who want to experience more from samsung tv’s and watch and stream or consuming content in a new way on samsung smart tv.

Samsung Smart tv New AI and Smart Features on Samsung Neo QLED, OLED

Samsung brings new AI features to smart tv like AI upscaling, AI enhancer Pro for display, gaming club, personalized home screen with account setup, with music frame, color accuracy and more.

Music Frame

New Powerful AI Features on samsung smart tv comes with Music frame with customizable wireless speakers which will blend into surrounding, it can pair with samsung tv, soundbar with Q-symphony which gives you excellent experience with surround sound and enjoy music on samsung smart tv using music frame. 

AI Features on Samsung Smart tv NEO QLED 8K

NEO QLED 8K QN900D comes with new visuals AI Features with powerful NQ8 AI Gen3 Processor with AI Upscaling Pro and comes with AI motion Enhancer Pro which is the best for visual experience of samsung smart tv users.

2024 Tizen OS Samsung Smart tv

With Samsung smart tv Tizen OS 2024 models which will bring content from the center which offers from the samsung account that you setup and it also features services like Gaming Hub, All in one game streaming discovery platform along with the content recommendations with cloud gaming experience on Tizen OS 2024 model of samsung smart tv.

Glare Free

Glare free is especially designed for samsung 2024 OLED screens which gives more beautiful experience with color accuracy, image sharpness and reduces reflections from nearby light.

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