Samsung M8 Smart Monitor, SlimFit Camera, OTT Support, Thin Monitor, iOT Support HSA and Many New Features

  • Samsung M8 Smart Monitor Comes with Stunning and stylish designs with 4 variants of colors with sleek and thin design with ->Sunset Pink,  Warm White,  Daylight Blue and Spring Green with new and cool design.
  • Samsung  M8 Smart Monitor Supports SlimFitCamera and video chat support with Google Duo and gives smart tv experience and users can watch OTT like Netflix, Disney plus and amazon prime video and brings smart tv experience to Samsung m8 smart monitor.
  • Height Adjustable Monitor, very thin monitor, supports ott and is able to connect iOT like USB, light switches power plugs using smartthings app and watch free live online streaming and on-demand content and everything what PC or Laptop does when working from home and attend video conference and many more features.

Samsung M8 comes with lots of new features with four different new and stunning colors with a new SlimFit Cam with a new stunning upgrade this time from samsung makers with a smart monitor which allows users to enjoy and experience smart tv features and many more features added to the New Samsung M8 Smart Monitor.

Samsung M8 Monitor comes with plenty of new and stunning features like a cool design with 4 color variants stunning looks and sleek design and new SlimFit camera and avery thin monitor compared to previous version of samsung smart monitors, video chat apps like google duo and also supports apps like netflix, amazon, disney plus and connect with iOT hub and connect devices like usb and smartthings including light switches and power plugs.

Samsung M8 Monitor also supports multiple voice assistants like Bixby and Amazon Alexa along with the conversation display on screen and many other stunning new features with Samsung M8 Monitors. 

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Samsung M8 Monitor Features

The Samsung M8 Monitor Features include a smart tv experience and users can enjoy OTT experience like Amazon Prime video, Disney plus, Apple tv, netflix without having connecting to a TV and users can watch and experience netflix and other ott by just using wifi and by logging in to their OTT platform user account details.

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Free live and On Demand Content

Samsung M8 Smart Monitor this time also brings a no download or no sign up needed with Samsung TV Plus with and offers free live and on-demand content wit no downloads needed and Samsung M8 Monitor provides personal content as well.

Slim Design

Samsung M8 Smart Monitor comes with very slim design which attracts users with very thin and slim which gives more space for samsung M8 users to occupy on their table or workspace and samsung M8 Smart monitor is 75 Percent more thinner that previous models with Samsung M9 smart monitor with 11.4 MM with a flat design. 

Samsung M8 Smart Monitor Available Colors

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Samsung M8 Smart Monitor comes with 4 different colors with impressive and stunning looks with gorgeous look and this Samsung M8 Smart Monitor Comes in  ->Sunset Pink,  Warm White,  Daylight Blue and Spring Green with new and cool design. 

The Samsung M8 Smart Monitor Makes use of Less PC

The new version of Samsung M8 Smart monitor has everything what you need in your PC when you are working from home like now with updated smart hub users can use microsoft 365, and connect it to various it devices and enabled usb type C ports can transfer data and power up devices and connect to samsung mobiles and samsung DeX for seamless features.

Samsung M8 SlimFit Camera

This time Samsung M8 smart monitor comes with a slim fit cam which is magnetic and the slimfit camera can be detachable and removable with a cool and sleek design without using any not good looking wires. 

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The slimfit Camera which comes with Samsung M8 Smart Monitor will have features like face tracking features, auto zoom features which helps in perfection presentation and has a live streaming and also supports video chat apps like google duo which allows users to work remotely seamlessly attending video conferences using video chat apps.

Multi Voice Assistants

Samsung M8 Smart Monitors allows users with multi voice assistants like bixby and amazon alexa with samsung M8 monitors using voice commands and if bixby is activated and now users can interact and display interactive information on screen even if your monitor is turned off.

IoT Hub on Samsung M8 Smart Monitor

It also has a IoT hub which allows users to connect to all devices wirelessly and smartthings app allows users to track everything with the internet and even allows users to connect other devices like light switches and power plugs.

Samsung M8 Smart Monitor also includes HAS which is Height Adjustable Stand with good picture quality with adaptive picture technology, with automatic adjust display brightness along with color temperature and many other features with Samsung M8 Smart Monitor.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 India

You can buy a Samsung smart monitor which is available to order globally using the Samsung office website directly from here and inquire about Samsung smart monitor m8 availability. 

Samsung m8 monitor availability

Samsung M8 Smart Monitor is available globally to order now and comes with a $100 for preorder check office website for more details

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