Best Samsung TV: Our top QLED picks for 2021

  • You can buy these QLED Samsung tv -> Samsung QN900A,  Samsung 98,  Samsung’s flagship 4k , Samsung QN85A,  Samsung q95t or q90t, Samsung Qatar

If you’re looking for a new samsung tv 2021 and want one with the best and finest picture quality on the market then Samsung’s range is sure to be on your list there are QLED TVs from the past few years and in 2021 Samsung introduced the next generation neoq like powered by mini LED tech as well as micro LED the latest range from QLED models all offer connectivity through common voice assistance the latest streaming services from Apple and Disney including airplay 2 as well as lot of technology to boost the picture performance in this article I am going to show you some of the new latest TVs from Samsung that are best to buy in 2021

Best Samsung tv top QLED pics for 2021

1. Samsung QN900A

The first one is Samsung QN 900A  and is available in screen sizes 65 inch 75 inch and 85.

 The important features of this TV are 

  • It is a new QLED TV
  • Supports 8k resolution quantum HDR 48x infinity screen 
  • And one connect 2021 Samsung flagship comes in a popular sizes from 65 to 85 inches and features an infinite screen offering h2s weaving with a practically
  • For an even better HDR 10 plus adaptive experience there is a slim one connect box which can be attached to the TV stand to hide it out of the way while the sound is boosted by the object tracking. sound pro designed to more accurately match the sound location to the action on screen.

 2. Samsung 98

The second is the Samsung 98, it comes in a screen sizes of 55 inch 60 fine 75 inch and 85 inch and comes with the attractive features like

  • Neo Q-lite 4k resolution quantum hdr 32x 
  • Neo-Slim design.

 3. Samsung’s Flagship 4k 

The third is the Samsung flagship 4k TV for 2021 is the Q19A. It offers many of the same benefits as the top 8k televisions and in that

  • It still supports hdr10 plus adaptive and hertz refresh rate but here with a 4k resolution.
  •  It also comes in a smaller size starting at 55 inches adding appeal for those with the smaller rooms. 
  • The connections for TV don’t have a separate box they are all on the rear of the TV itself. But all that comes with a more and more approachable price.

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4. Samsung QN85A 

This comes in the screen sizes of 50 fines 65 75 inch and 85 inch

and features new Q-lite 4k resolution quantum hdr24x and neo-slim design the 2021 QN85 steps down from the QN98 again making a couple of changes to present a TV that hits many of the same specification point on the panel but makes a few cuts elsewhere to make it more affordable.

  • It offers 120hz refresh rate it also continues to reduce the audio performance while it has a 2.2.2 configuration.
  •  The output for this model is 60 Watt with a less sophisticated object tracking arrangement than the models above it. 
  • In the rain again the connections are all on the TV itself but there is also a design change with a less premium stand than the QN 98 because it is more affordable than the QN90A model.

 5. Samsung q95t or q90t

 This comes in the screen sizes of 55 in 65 75 and 85 offers Q-LED 4k resolution quantum HDR 2000 direct backlit and one connect this Samsung TV is called the Q90T in the US and  Q95T in the UK. This Samsung flagship 4k Q-LED TV is a cracker offering wide range of premium features such as

  • One connect box for easy cable connectivity.
  •  It offers great picture quality as well as the latest gaming features like 120 hertz refresh rate for those next generation consoles.
  • This is a different display technology to the Neo Q light however here using the direct illumination rather than the new mini LED.

 So it is likely that it will be outperformed by some of the newer models in the lineup with that said this is still an impressive TV with plenty to offer.

6. Samsung Qatar

 This comes with the screen sizes of 55 ,65, 75 and 85 and features 

QLED 4k resolution quantum HDR 12x and direct backlit the 2021 Q8A sits in the mid-range category for QLED 4k TV sitting beneath the QN85A because this set doesn’t use the new QLED system. It sticks to the older cubelet system but it still offers 120Hz refresh rate but the HDR is not as adapted as the QN model that sits above it. 

It has a similar design to the QN85A with the similar sound arrangement with a 60 watt 2.2.2 channel system like the QN858 has all the connections on the TV itself there is no one connect box as it is available on the higher models. So what it lacks compared to the Q8T from 2020 is the smaller 49 inch size Samsung Q8T comes with the screen sizes of 49 inch 55 65 inch and 75 inch features QLED 4k resolution quantum HDR 1500 and direct backlit the Q8TT is a mid-range QLED model sitting under the likes of the Q95T the design is less sophisticated and all the connection go into the back of the TV rather than offering one connect box.

So it is a little less fancy but you still get a great panel with a 4k resolution and introducing a smaller size at a 49 inches making it even more appealing and affordable remember that this is a generation older than the 2021 QN85A so although it has a full array direct illumination it’s not the mini LED system of the latest model HDR steps down a little but you still get a 120Hz refresh rate display to support all the latest gaming features there is object tracking audio from a similar speaker setup to the un85 along with all the normal Samsung functions.

 So these are some of the best Samsung TVs that you can consider to buy in 2021. 

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