Best learning apps for students 2021

Best learning apps for students 2021

With the advancement in the technology, smartphones became more familiar to us. With this almost 3.8 million users have raised at now-a-days. And also it increase its market value. During this pandemic movement the education faced a bad situation with this the value for online education apps increased. In this article we are providing a few best education apps which are useful for remote students who are facing problems and want to learn online so, here are the best learning apps for students.

What are the best learning apps for students 2021

Google classroom

Google classroom was developed by google LLC, to offer 100% services to teachers and students at pandemic movement. This app providing some favours like marking and collecting assigned assignments, with it we can get many other services which are mentioned below.

Features offered by google classroom

  • Experts can keep tracking of assignments from the students with this app automatically 
  • Experts or teachers can collect and mark submitted assignments from students
  • It is free of cost and provide 100% genuine facilities to students
  • You can share slides, documents and other information with students 


It is the most preferred learning pap developed for students in 2015. It also offering facilities for students who are preparing for competitive exams like JEE, IAS, NEET exams etc. With this app parents can also monitor their children and they can take part in their learning journey.

  • It is the first online app providing parent interaction with experts
  • It offering services for students by mapping syllabus of CBSE and other competitive exams etc. And providing adaptive questions based on syllabus
  • It also offering visualised concepts videos which helps students to understand  the concept easily.


Unacademy learning app was developed by gaurav munjal along wit his partners. It is one of the best app after Bijus, unacademy gained more popularity it has almost 250 million views on its youtube channel along with 3 million subscribers. It providing education stream all over the world and educating its students with expert from all over the world.


  • It choosing experts from one of the best institutes and universities
  • It offering low premium cost for students with better contents 
  • It offers tutors for competitive exams for CAT, EAMCET and other tests
  • With unacademy plus it providing high quality study material to students for IAS/IPS and other Upsc exams
  • The experts clears doubt and conduct debate for clearings topic doubts in-depth for learners


Coursera offering best quality and education and career-oriented task for its users. It was developed with the collaboration of top 200 universities like IBM and many more. Main intention behind developing this app is to provide education for maximum students. If you want learn programming language and other certificate based courses through this app which provides top class education for its users.


  • We can learn subjects like art, photography, engineering, mechanical and biology and many other courses 
  • It offering 200 exerts from all over world from top universities

Khan academy

Khan academy was developed Sal khan,  which offering a separate databases  for its courses, topics, and chapters, subjects from all over the world. It is 100% free services for its students to learn various subjects like mathematics, mechnical, engineering and english etc. It also offering free learning materials for its students at free of cost.


  • This app also offering services in 10+ languages
  • It offering free study material for many country students and also k-12 students material with many courses 

As education is digitalized with this the opportunities for the learning app has been increased. With this the challenge for developers has increased. Due to this the develop improving features in apps and updating apps according to the challenging trends. From that best app we mentioned few of them in this article.