How to Fix ONN Roku TV Black Screen

When you turn on your ONN roku tv and you see your roku tv black screen issue or not turning or roku tv black screen with sound but still have sound then you can easily fix this black screen issue on ONN roku tv by different methods.

You have an issue where you have a black screen or maybe you’re watching a movie and it’s flickering black screen or may be there’s no picture however you can still hear the audio if you have a black screen right now it does not matter. By following the below solutions you can fix all of them.

How to fix ONN ROKU tv black screen

Solution 1: Power Reset ONN Roku tv to Fix Black Screen Issue

Step 1:  Turn on your ONN roku tv and wherever it’s plugged into the wall socket, go a head and pull the power plug out from the wall socket, pull it out while the TV is on.

Step 2: Now wait 30 seconds after 30 seconds is up go ahead and plug it back in turn your TV on.

 Thats it once your ONN roku tv turns on the black screen or flickering or no picture is resolved if it didn’t work then we’re going to go to the next solution okay.

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Solution 2: Restart ONN Roku tv with Remote Key Combination

If power reset method doesn’t work then you need to restart your onn roku tv by using a special key combination.

Step 1: Grab your remote and  Turn on your Onn roku tv 

Step 2: On your remote -> Tap the home button five times-> then tap up once-> Press up arrow once -> and then rewind twice and then Fast Forward Twice.

 Step 3: Now just let the TV continue to go now it’s going to be frozen here let this wait a little bit and what’s going to happen is going to end up rebooting twice okay this whole process here will take about one minute so let’s wait for this to reboot twice.

Step 4:  Now it’s about to Restart here it is okay so that’s the first time it’s going to reboot. Now it’s going to reboot a second time here. So hold on okay it just turned off it’s getting ready to reboot.

That’s it, Now basically when it’s booted back up go ahead and you know play a movie or whatever you did before when you had the black screen or flickering black screen and see if it’s finally working.

If you’re still down what i would recommend is do every two solutions try you know start from the beginning of the article the first solution try that if it didn’t work then do this. You just need to do the above solutions like five six seven eight more times okay now if you guys done the steps I mean the solution steps your  Roku TV black screen problem is fixed.

Why Did My Onn Roku TV just go black?

If you are having any outdated software’s on your ONN Roku tv and you have not updated your onn roku tv to latest version or it can be due to software bug or it can be an issue with your mother board or screen problem as well.

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