How to Enable Voice Chat on Roblox 2021

  • To enable voice chat on roblox -> Go to account settings -> Select your age (should be more than 13 years of age) -> Click on Privacy tab -> Enable voice chat by toggling button.

Roblox’s new feature allows you to use voice features with the rollout of the spatial voice feature now roblox makes it possible for users to communicate naturally as they are communicating in real life. And you need to be age verified and 13 years of age or older to talk to each other via voice chat and should meet community standards.

After voice chat is enabled you can identify other users who have voice chat turned on by looking for a microphone icon that will  appear next to their username above their avatar

Additionally , voice chat is only available in roblox games that support it.

How to Enable Voice Chat on Roblox 

Finally again to turn on and use voice chat in roblox your account has to be age verified and you have to be 13 years of age or older are eligible.

Step 1:Open web browser and open and then sign in to the roblox account you want to enable voice chat on. 

Step 2:On your Roblox home screen -> Click the settings icon on the top of the screen to open a menu.

Step 3: Click settings ->Now Roblox My Settings screen is displayed.

Note: Before moving ahead you will want to scroll down to the birthday part of the personal section on the screen and confirm your age verified and more than 13years old.

Step 3: Choose privacy in the menu on the left side of the screen

Step 4: Now, Click on the toggle associated with enabling voice chat.

That;s it. Now you will be able to chat with other users in roblox games where voice chat is supported and you can identify other users with voice chat enabled by looking for a microphone icon that will appear next to their username above their avatar.

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How to Mute or Block Someone on Roblox

Once you have enable voice chat on roblox, other users can see that you have spatial voice and send messages and if you want to block someone or mute a person on roblox by clicking on the microphone icon appearing over the avtar head will be muted and will block and will only apply when you are in the game session.

Roblox Voice Chat App

You can also use third party apps or apps which allow users to talk playing roblox with these pinch app available on plays tore. Most of the gamers will use this pinch app with roblox.

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