How to Navigate with Voice Control on iPhone and iPad-min

How to Navigate with Voice Control on iPhone and iPad

We’ll cover how to Turn On Voice Control Use gesture commands, Navigate with overlays,  and Pause Voice Control.

Voice Control on iPhone and iPad: 

  1. open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Accessibility.
  3. Tap Voice control.
  4. And tap Set up Voice Control at the top of the screen.
  5. Voice control may require a short initial download before it is ready to use.
  6. But after that, it doesn’t need WiFi or Cellular data to work.
  7. Now you can begin Navigating your device with just your voice.

Use Gesture commands on iPhone: 

Let’s go to the basic command. When voice control is turned on. You’ll see a blue microphone on top left of your screen. Let’s go to the Home screen

  1. “Go Home”.
  2. Swipe left. 
  3. Tap Notes. What can I say? This is helpful if you ever need a hint.
  4. “Go back”.

Let’s check out the Control Centre.

  1. Open Control Centre. 
  2. Turn down Volume.
  3. To see other commands we can use, just say “Show commands”. To see a glossary in the Voice Control section of your iPhone Settings.

Navigate with overlays : 

There are 3 kinds of Overlays you can use with your Voice Control. They make it easier to interact with on- screen elements, like buttons and sliders.

Let’s say we want to take photo.

  1. “Open Camera”.
  2.  To show the buttons onscreen say “Show Names, Tap filters, Swipe left. What if want to tap somewhere on the screen to focus our image? 

    Show grid. This is helpful if you want to interact with a specific point on your screen.

Let’s focus in on Grid 11:

“Eleven. Seven. Five”. There we go. If you don’t no the name of a button, you have the other options too, like number labelling. 

‘Show numbers continuously”. This will keep number labelling dimmed on screen. Until you speak a command. You can say “Hide  numbers,” when you’re done.

We can take a photo by tapping right. “Tap eight”. Depending on the app or situation you’re in, Different Overlays may make more sense than others. Numbers are helpful when there are lot of elements on screen,  like in Safari.

Pause voice control on iPhone: 

If you want to stop Voice Control from listening. You can say, ” Go to sleep,” to pause it while it runs in the background. To have it start listening again just say, “Wake up.” Once voice control is set up, you can also use Siri to turn it on or off.

Now you now the basics of how to Navigate your iOS devices using just your voice.