Which is Best Between Samsung or Hisense Smart tv

Both Samsung and hisense tv are the most popular Tvs in smart tv world. Both these brands receive most positive response. Because of this reason both hisense and Samsung are sir in demand. It’s worthy in saying that both hisense and Samsung are completely successful. In comparison with samsung tv  hisense does not have that much popularity. In spite of that fact hisense can offer some high e d models, well it also known as budget-oriented manufacturing. In fact, a lot of people think that hisense tv provides low quality because of its price. But it is not fact: Because hisense also provides really a good quality picture.

Well Samsung tv uses latest technologies when compared with hisense. Since many years company developing many technologies in order to improve their brand performance. In recent years smart developed many high budget model Tv’s.

Features comparison of Samsung and hisense smart tv

In comparison of both tv features, it worthy to say that Samsung always offers truly a universal tv which can be used for any purpose.

Picture quality

Both companies uses different technologies to offer a vivid and realistic picture. Hisense only offers ULED, OLED models which are cheaper than Samsung tv model. Hisense tv uses Quantum dot technology for some Tvs to provide ultra bright 4k picture. Samsung uses QLED tv which work on 4K Quantum processor with thus we get exceptional brightness. Some other features of Samsung model are it uses crystal display for crisp picture and purcolor which reveals many colour shades.


Hisense tv uses very advanced technologies like DBX, Total Surround, DBX Total Sonics, DTS Studio Sound and many more. With this the sound quality of their in built speakers is improved. Samsung uses the well known technology for sound quality like DTS and Dolby Atmos. With this we can easily conclude that hisense tv pays more attention towards sound quality.

Operating system

Both smart tv Operating comparison is done here. In which both Tvs offer google assistant, Alexa and also we can access the popular streaming services (Hotstar, youtube, HBO max etc.). Samsung developed a operating system especially for its smart tv is Tizen. Hisense tv uses the operating system(OS) VIDDA. Anyhow, it is not implemented to many Tvs. Still most of the hisense smart tv uses android-based system. It is easy to launch any app with this OS. Well both Tvs offers all smart functions. But here hisense tv wins in this category because of its easy accessing.

Tv ports 

Hisense V/s Samsung smart tv have same sets of HDML ports:3 for mid sized tv, and for larger tv it is 4. With this both Tvs offers  audio out, Ethernet, component video inputs. But Samsung have many USB ports. With this Samsung wins here.


Well known fact that after some years both brands fails in Durability. But when compared with hisense tv Samsung tv are more durable. Here ijn5his category Samsung model wins.

With this we can conclude that Samsung vs hisense comparison, hisense is truely a good manufacturer for middle-end models within the budget. But definitely it unable to provide high-quality and well sophisticated Tvs in the market, while it comes to quality of money hisense is good. Samsung will ask to pay much amount of money even for cheapest model. 

For sure, Samsung offers better quality of picture and many techy features, when it turn of built in speakers and many more  convenient operating system, hisense will  provides more. From the above mentioned features we conclude that hisense is better choice. 

Rajeshwari Chiluveru
Rajeshwari Chiluveru
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