Remote Control App For Hisense Smart TV

Download the “REMOTE NOW” app on your smartphone and it is an extension for your Hisense smart  TV. It has an ultimate connectivity, convenience and an extra remote control for smart TV. All Hisense smart TV model is compatible with Remote Now app and it works like virtual remote control. It can be used as replacement for traditional remote. Enabling this you can do anything like changing channels, adjusting TV settings and much more.

Stream Media Directly from Phone

1) “Remote Now” app allows you to watch media directly from smartphone to TV As long as your TV and smartphone are connected with same WI-FI network.

2) Remote Now app will detect the smart TV and make sure all streaming and control options available.

3) You can also view your “personal photos”, “videos” etc., directly from smartphone.

User Friendly and fast interface

Typing letters on a traditional remote control can take some more time consuming. By using REMOTE NOW app touchpad allows you to navigate to TVs interface with great ease and enable you to find information more speed even before.

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Setup Remote Control App on Smart TV

Step 1: Open your smartphone and download the “REMOTE NOW” app from google play store.

Step 2: After download and installation. Connect your TV and phone with same WI-FI network.

Step 3: On your phone, open Remote Now control app.

Step 4: Try to pair your smart TV by entering your smart TV name.

Step 5: If it doesn’t show, try to troubleshoot and connect.

Step 6: You can see a PIN on your TV screen.

Step 7: Enter PIN on your phone. Then, hit on “pair” button.

How to use Hisense tv Without Remote or wifi

You can use hisense tv without remote or wifi by using remote control apps for hisense smart tv and you can also use buttons on your back and front of hisense smart tv and use hisense tv without remote and turn on and turn off hisense smart tv without remote.

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