How to Reset Hisense TV Without Remote

  • If you are having trouble with hisense smart tv remote and remote not responding or power button not working on hisense smart tv, then you can reset your hisense smart tv without remote as well by just using the reset button on your hisense tv.

If you have a Hisense Smart TV and Sometimes it doesn’t work properly and in that case you need to reset. However, Hisense Smart TV’s are the same with other smart TVs which are available in the market but come with some different functions. But Hisense Smart TV’s reset process is different from other smart TVs. If your Smart TV doesn’t show any picture, it is impossible to use your remote to reset it. The Control button of your television has limited functionality and certain features. Some settings cannot be accessed without the use of a remote control apps on hisense smart tv

2 Different Methods to Reset Hisense Smart TV Without Remote

First Method

Step 1: Unplug your TV plug from the wall for nearly 10 minutes, then press and hold the power button of the TV for 60 seconds.

Step 2: Then plug in back to the wall and reset.

Step 3: Press and hold both volume and menu buttons on the side of your TV panels.

Step 4: Continue holding, while pressing and releasing the power button on panel. Release and hold after 5 counts.

Step 6: If you don’t have any menu buttons then use volume up and input or try holding the volume and menu buttons after pressing the power button for the TV to start.

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Second Method

Step 1: Remove the power plug from TV and wait for at least fir 1 hour.

Step 2: Press and hold the power button for 1 minute on side of TV panel, not on Remote.

Step 3: While plugging back keep holding the power button for another 1 minute, go directly to the wall outlet, by passing any power strips.

Step 4: Hold volume and menu button side of TV, while holding these, press power button on side of TV.

Step 5: You can see a blue light comes ON and stays on.

Step 6: Leave plugged in, hold the power button for 15-20 seconds, then unplug it and wait for a minute.

Step 7: Plug back TV in and Turn ON.


While resetting your Hisense Smart TV, it is advisable to pay some attention to time. For example, when hisense smart tv is performing a reset wait for two minutes before plugging the TV back to power is vital, regardless of whether your Smart TV is an old model or not.

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