How to fix Smart Cast Not Working on VIZIO smart TV

  • If smartcast not working on vizio smart tv then check your are connected to the same wifi internet on both the devices.
  • Restart your router/modem and power reset your vizio smart tv and change DHCP settings and update vizio smart tv and soft reset vizio tv.
  • Quick fix: Restarting your vizio smart tv and power reset your modem and disconnecting power cable and plug them back after 15-20 seconds will help fixing this smartcast not working and if vizio tv is not connecting on vizio smart tv then read this.

Casting is one of the possible ways to get content from devices to your TV without relying on a suite of apps, but sometimes it may not allows to work correctly. Check your Vizio smart cast is properly connected to the internet. The casting device and Vizio smart TV should be on the same network. If not, then try to change network (No Network), DHCP settings, check for available updates on your TV,  power cycle or factory reset your vizio smart cast.

Vizio smart cast technology is that when you cast videos like Disney plus, the video is not being streamed from your device to your TV as a controller. It allows you to add apps of video source to your TV such as Discovery Plus, Disney plus, Amazon prime, Netflix etc., without ever installing a single app on your TV or buying an external streaming device like an apple TV or Amazon fire stick without loosing the high speed experience. 

Why Smart Cast Not Working on Vizio Smart TV

There are many reasons why smartcast might stop working on your Vizio TV. If it was working and suddenly stopped, it means that something as simple as power cycle your router.

How to fix Smartcast Not Working on Vizio Smart tv

How to fix Smart Cast Not Working on VIZIO smart TV

Follow below methods to fix smart cast not working, sometimes a simple method restarting your router / modem will fix this issue all the time.

No internet

It may sounds different, but some people don’t think to check their connection when they face a problem like this. So, if there is any problem with internet connection, your smart cast will not work properly. While you are able to reach Netflix, YouTube or streaming service you are attempting to cast from your phone. You likely switch your network to mobile network if your network drops out. That means your phone could be still accessing the internet while your TV cannot.

Change DHCP Settings

Try to change DHCP setting of your network, different IP address will be assigned to all your device, this is likely to stop error from occurring.

Step 1: Switch off your smart cast TV and open your computer, then open your browser and type your router URL.

Step 2: Then enter your username and password.

Step 3: Go for the settings-> advanced network settings-> DHCP setting.

Step 4: In that enable DHCP setting. If you previously enabled, then disable it and enable again.

Step 5: Click on save and close the settings page.

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Power Cycle

If the problem with smart cast is some sort of software hiccup, then the power cycle will help you to erase all temporary configurations and then reconfigure them once you turn ON the device.

Step 1: Press the menu button and choose the system on your TV remote control.

Step 2: Select Reset and admin. Then choose a soft power cycle.

Step 3: While doing that, power off your router. Then turn the power ON and check if the TV is working fine.

Factory Reset

It helps with some possible glitches that your TV might have, that help with smart cast issues.

Step 1: Press menu button-> choose the system on your remote. Then go for reset and admin.

Step 2: Choose factory reset TV and wait for the TV to reset itself.

If you want to factory reset using your remote, simultaneously press and hold buttons for 5 seconds until a bar up on you TV. Then press and hold for 15 sec until your TV itself is off. Turn on and follow instructions on TV screen.

Turn Vizio tv Off and On Again

By turning Off and On it works surprisingly. The first place to start is your router, since it is most often the culprit. If rebooting doesn’t work the trick, then try same with your Vizio Smart TV. Finally the device you’re casting from will work perfectly and you will not face smart cast not working or not connecting on vizio smart tv.

First, Try to Reboot

1)Your router, TV and casting device.

If that doesn’t work, then try to do this following.

Step 1: Power your TV and unplug your TV from the socket.

Step 2: Hold the power button of TV for 20 seconds with the TV unplugged.

Step 3: Plug in the TV back and repeat step 3.

Step 4: Power on Your TV and see if your problem persists, this way should help you.

That’s it, by following above methods you can easily fix your smartcast not working on vizio smart tv or not connecting or any other issue like apps not working or apps not loading etc.

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