How to Install Apps on VIZIO Smart TV

  • To Install Apps on VIZIO Smart tv -> Press Home button -> My Apps -> Search for apps which you want to install and click on ok.
  • You can also cast your mobile phone or iPhone to vizio smart tv if apps are not available to install from vizio app store.
  • You can also install third party apps on vizio smart tv by downloading APK file and installing third party apps by allowing apps to install from vizio smart tv settings.

Bought a Vizio Smart tv and wondering how to install a new App on your vizio smart tv then you can easily install them on your vizio smart tv, lets see them how to install apps on vizio smart tv.

In this article I’m going to show you how to install apps on your Vizio TV. 

Here after I show you how to install these apps I also let you know about few apps that you might want to install and check out there are more than one way to install apps on your Vizio TV. It’s one of the more confusing models to be honest but the first thing and the most obvious way to install applications on your VIZIO Smart TV is  there are two methods to install look at the two  methods and follow the one as you like.

Install Apps on VIZIO Smart tv

Step 1:  Press the TV  button or the Home button on your remote control.

how to install apps on vizio smart tv

 Step 2: Here you will see a bunch of apps and you just select the one that you want to install. Click on install.

However on most vizio models there’s a small amount of apps that are available with this method.

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 Method 2: Screen Mirroring and Casting VIZIO Smart tv from APP

So here’s the another way to install apps on your VIZIO Smart TV through phone. 

Step 1: First open the app on your phone .

Step 2: Then tap the cast logo in the app on your phone. Then basically it just sends the app to your TV.

Before I show you what apps you can install  I will show you the final method that you can get apps on your vizio.  Plug in a fire stick or a Roku stick into the back of your TV.  Now  it allows to install apps on your Vizio TV. Here are a few apps

Install Free Apps on VIZIO Smart tv

I think you should check out the first one is low cast this is for those of you who want to get local channels on your TV and you don’t want to set up a antenna check this app out. Three other free and legal apps that are worth checking out are zumu 2btv and pluto tv again these are free apps and they have lots of movies TV and sports channels. 

Grab your remote -> Press Home button -> MY apps section -> search for the apps and click on install apps.

Lakshmi Durga
Lakshmi Durga
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