How to fix Vizio tv 500 Internal Error

On vizio smart tv if you are getting 500 internal server error when browsing internet on vizio smart tv then you need to clear browser cache of internet browser and  restart vizio smart tv and check internet wifi connection and if this doesn’t fix then you need to factory reset vizio smart tv. So, let’s see in detail below.

It’s very frustrating and annoying when you get 500 internal error and Most of the time, if you get 500 internet error this is due to server or browser related cache issues or software related issues or software glitch.

Why Vizio Smart tv 500 internal Server Error Occurs

Due to bulky cache on vizio smart tv on internet browser or software update glitch this issue can occur and you need to clear cache and update software and reset to factory default and fix 500 internal server error issues on vizio tv.

Fix Vizio tv 500 Internal Error

Below methods will help you fix and get rid of vizio tv 500 internal server error.

Power Cycle or Restart Vizio Smart tv

Once you power cycle or restart your vizio tv then it will fix any minor software glitches or any other serious issues easily by just restarting vizio tv.

Step 1: Turn on vizio smart tv and remove vizio tv power plug from wall socket

Step 2: Wait for 60 seconds and plug back the power cable and turn on vizio tv.

Step 3: Wait for vizio tv to completely reboot and turn on and after turning on vizio tv, go ahead and check and you will not get vizio tv 500 internal server error.

Clear Browser Cache on Vizio smart tv

Due to bulky cache or cookies on vizio smart tv, you can experience this vizio tv internal 500 error on vizio tv and you need to clear browser cache on vizio tv and re open browser and after clearing cache of vizio tv browser -> internal server 500 issue will be resolved.

Check WIFI Internet Connection

If you are having issues with wifi internet connection then you can also experience this issue of 500 internal server issues on vizio tv and go ahead and disconnect and reconnect to wifi connection and check.

Disable Proxy 

If you are using proxy on vizio smart tv then you need to disable proxy because if you are using proxy then this can cause issue when browsing interne and sometime lead to internal server error 500 due to proxy.

Factory Reset

Step 1: Press Menu button on vizio tv remote -> System Settings (All Settings)

Step 2: Select Reset and Admin

Step 3: Select reset to factory default settings and enter pin and confirm factory reset and wait for vizio tv to reset settings to factory default settings.

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