How to Change Aspect Ratio on Vizio TV

On your vizio smart tv if you are having picture size or settings issues then you can change picture size settings and change aspect ratio on vizio smart tv and adjust picture settings on vizio tv easily and turn off zoom and resize vizio tv picture and it to screen and change picture settings on vizio tv from widescreen to full screen. So, let’s see in detail below.

You can change aspect ratio on vizio tv by using remote and without using remote and also by using remote control app on vizio smart tv.

What is the Standard Aspect Ratio of a Vizio TV?

Standard aspect ratio size of vizio smart tv is 16:9 which is normal ratio type of vizio tv and if you have different aspect ratio video then you can change aspect ratio to 4:3 or any other aspect ratio on vizio tv.

Change Aspect Ratio on Vizio TV

To change aspect ratio follow below steps.

Step 1: Grab vizio tv remote and Press Menu button

Step 2: Press down arrow and Go to System settings and Press ok

Step 3: Select Aspect Ratio here and change aspect ratio size here and adjust picture settings.

When to Change Aspect Ratio size of Vizio Smart tv

If you have downloaded any video from online and when you view video on vizio tv which doesn’t fit on your vizio smart tv then the video aspect ratio is not 16:9 and you need to go to picture settings and change aspect ratio and make video fit on vizio tv by changing picture aspect ratio settings on vizio tv.

What are the best Picture Settings on Vizio tv

The best picture settings on vizio smart tv would be leaving brightness to 50 and sharpness to 0 and color to 50 and tint to 0 and you can also adjust as per your viewing on picture settings.

Rajeshwari Chiluveru
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