How to Setup VIZIO Smartcast on Vizio Smart tv & Mobile

  • To setup vizio smartcast you need to download smartcast from official website and if you can also download vizio smartcast android and iOS versions.

Smartcast is one the unique ways of screening content on your VIZIO TV. For VIZIO TV screen mirroring, it must be smart or have smart features such as internet connection and ability to launch the app and can screen mirror content from different source.

How to Find Smart Cast on VIZIO TV

First, you have to check whether “vizio TV has the smart cast or not”. From 2018, visio smart TVs are rolled out smartcast on HD displays. And easy way to launch is just by clicking on ‘home button’ on your remote. Then smartcast home screen will appear and then can access content from various sources.

Connect Vizio smart TV to WI-FI

Connecting smartcast through wifi is an easy to connect your VIZIO TV to other devices.

Connect Vizio smart TV to WI-FI

Step 1: First, click on TV menu by using remote.

Step 2: Go for the settings, In that select Network.

Step 3: From that choose your network from available wifi list.

If you cannot see your preferred network, then scroll down and hit on more access points. After locating your network, enter your password and click on the connect. After you connected your wifi network, then you can access VIZIO smart TV screen mirroring.

Connect Phone to VIZIO Smart TV

Using smartcast app you can setup an android or iphone device to your VIZIO Smart TV. This app is free and available on both Appstore and playstore.

Step 1: Download VIZIO smartcast app on your phone and follow the instructions to activate it.

Step 2: After that, connect your phone to same wifi network or turn on Bluetooth on your phone.

Step 3: Click on menu at left side and choose setup device.

Step 4: Finally, press on get started.

Step 5: After that select your language of your choice.

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To complete the smartcast without wifi network, place your phone near to TV and wait for few seconds for Bluetooth pairing. Once you have paired your device, Now you can proceed to cast you favourite shows.

If you choose wifi connection, then click on skip arrow at bottom to proceed. Once the connection is completed, name your device and click on Next. And follow any other instructions to complete the setup process.

Now tour phone is connected to your VIZIO smart TV and you can start live streaming and browse shows on your TV screen.


Smartcast technology has become more popular and setting up on different devices is easy and fast whether you have using your phone or laptop. And enjoy the unique technology that comes with your VIZIO smart TV.

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