Fix No Internet on Vizio Smart tv

Fix: No Internet on Vizio Smart tv

  • Quick fix for resolving no internet on vizio smart tv is restart your router / modem and unplug power cable for 30 sec and plug back and restart your vizio smart tv.
  • You can try checking your wifi speed and change enable DHCP settings and factory reset vizio smart tv, you can also try plugging directly using wired cable and sort the issue.

If you want to stream online content on your vizio smart tv, but you are unable to stream any content, this may occur due to your vizio smart tv not connected to Wi-Fi or sometimes you can see vizio smart tv network not detected as well and Not connected to wifi and no internet on vizio smart tv are totally two different issues. This may cause incorrect network configuration. To prevent this problem for enjoying online content. To solve this issue, here we are providing some solutions to fix tv not connecting to Wi-Fi to get internet on vizio smart tv.

How to fix No internet on Vizio Smart tv

Follow below methods to fix vizio smart tv wifi issues and no internet on vizio smart tv

Power Cycle Your Device

In order to perform power cycling operation, then follow the steps mentioned below

Step 1: Now turnoff your vizio smart tv and unplug it

Step 2: Next, disconnect the modem and router from power source

Step 3: And wait for 10-15 minutes

Step 4: Now replug your tv to wall socket

Step 5: And do same process for both modem and route

Step 6: Finally turn on your tv, check for error existence.

Check your Wi-Fi Connection Speed

Firstly check your Wi-Fi connection speed, for internet connection performance. If you want to do this, open your browser and type If your internet connected to your device, it may be your smart tv problem. If your internet won’t work on both devices, then try resolving the Wi-Fi network.

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Restart your Router / Modem

Step 1: Go ahead and unplug power cables from router and modem & disconnect all power cables from router.

Step 2: Wait for 30 second and after 30 seconds plug back disconnected power cables back to router and modem.

Step 3: Now, turn on your vizio smart tv and connect to wifi internet connection.

Factory Resetting

Now, perform factory resetting method by following the below steps and note: this will erase all your data from your vizio smart tv and it will restore its settings to back to original default settings.

Step 1: Take vizio smart tv remote control and press menu button

Step 2: Next, choose system option and followed by reset and admin option

Step 3: Now choose clear memory or reset tv to factory default

Once the process completed, your vizio smart tv will turn ON into the original setup screen

Enable DHCP

Enable DHCP by following below steps

Step 1: Take your vizio smart tv remote and press home button

Step 2: Next, go to network option and choose manual setup

Step 3: After that choose DHCP and now check the enable option

Step 4:Once you enabled the DHCP settings, check for error existence 

This post is provided some information related to how to fix no internet on vizio smart tv. Hope the above mentioned methods is useful to you.