Vizio Smart TV Not Connecting to Smart Cast

  • If you connect to Vizio smart not connecting to smart cast then you need to change DHCP settings, iP address,
  • Make sure you are entering correct password and username
  • Make sure your wifi signal is in range or your router or modem is in close enough to your vizio smart tv
  • Check your internet connecting and Reset network settings.
  • Update Software on vizio smart tv and if nothing works factory reset vizio smart tv.

If we have a vizio smart tv and want to stream, web series and other contents from Android phone to vizio smart tv by cast or connect your iPhone to vizio smart tv or by connecting Laptop wirelessly via smart cast. Casting is one of the  bestway to watch your favourite content in a wide range of gadgets on our Tv without any disturbances with smart cast. But periodically we may face with some problems like, errors like smart cast is starting up, whenever casting videos or stream content via smartcast you may will not get connected or shows black screen. This may occur due to some problems with settings (or) configuration of smart tv. To overcome the problem of vizio smart tv not connecting to smart cast with some methods.

Method:1 Change DHCP settings to fix Vizio Smart tv Smart cast not connecting to Smartcast

Firstly try to check settings on your device network, there will be different IP addresses for our devices with this it may stop accessing smart casts. To overcome this issue we follow some steps.

Step:1 Firstly turn off your vizio smart tv

Step:2 Now open your PC (or) Laptop, then open your search engine and type routers URL.

Step:3 After that enter username and password.

Step:4 Next go to settings and open it and select the advanced settings option.

Step:5  From that advanced settings option select DHCP option.

Step:6 If it is already enabled once doable it and again enable it.

Step:7 Now click on the save button and close settings.

Step:8 Now turn on your smart tv.

Method:2 Check you internet connection

If your network is not strong you may face this problem. To overcome the issue we follow this method with simple steps.

Step:1 For checking internet connection in vizio smart tv go to settings option.

Step:2 From that choose network option

Step:3 Next check test connection. With this you can come to know your Tv is connected to the network (or) not.

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Method:3 Factory Reset Vizio Smart TV not connecting to Smartcast

If your problem is not solved from the above mentioned methods. You can simply follow this method which may help you to solve the problem of vizio smart tv not connecting to smart cast with simple steps.

Step:1 Check your vizio smart tv is turned on (or) not

Step:2 Now select menu button and followed by system option  on your remote

Step:3 Next open reset & admin

Step:4 Now choose reset tv to factory settings.

Step:5 After that wait till your Tv reset

Method:4 Simply Update Software of Your Tv

One of the best idea to overcome the issue of vizio smart tv not connecting to smart cast. Simply update your Tv software in regular intervals of time. Hopefully this steps may help to overcome this problem

Step:1 Firstly switch on your vizio smart tv.

Step:2 After that go to settings which is followed by system

Step:3 Then open system updates

Step:4 After opening system updates check of any updates available

Step:5 If updates available Install updates

Step:6 Next wait till your Tv restart after updating.

Mainly the technology of smart cast depends on network connection. If any error in internet connection it may result in errors. With this you may get frustrated. Fortunately from the above mentioned methods you can easily some the issue of vizio smart tv not connecting to smart cast.

Why Vizio Smartcast not Connecting to Smart Cast?

When you try to connect your smartcast you need to make sure that you are entering the correct password and username and your wifi is in close range. If there is any update available then you need to update

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