How to Setup Wifi on Sony Bravia TV

If you have brought a new Sony bravia smart tv and you are wondering how to connect or setup wifi on Sony Bravia tv then this article will guide you through and connect Wifi on Sony TV and you can also connect sony smart tv to wifi using wifi direct as well and also using wired connection using cable. So let’s see in detail how to setup and connect wifi on Sony bravia tv. Sometimes you may face difficulties in connecting wifi on sony tv and will not connect to wifi, So all you need to do is enter your username and password correctly and also make sure your wifi router or modem is close enough range to sony bravia tv.

Setup wifi on Sony Bravia tv

Step 1: So First thing is on your remote go ahead just click on the Home and then you’ll see a window pop up.

Step 2:  Now just scroll down to where it says Settings. Go to Settings.

Step 3: In the list of Settings go to Preferences.

Step 4:  Now from here you want to go ahead and scroll down to where it says Setup.

Step 5: So let’s go down to Setup right there then let’s move to the right and you can see Network. Go ahead and press on enter. And now it just highlights network setup up here you can see so go ahead and make sure it’s highlighted click on enter.

Step 6:  And now it says here network setup allows you to access content to your home network and internet. Now you go down to where it says Set up internet connection. Go down press on enter on the remote.

Step 7: Now it will display a window with two options Easy and Expert We’re going to go with Easy, highlight easy click on enter now.

Step 8: Now go ahead and press enter to scan to see you find your home Wifi network. Here it displays a bunch of networks around you.

Step 9: Search your network and click on that. If your network ID is not on there go to your wherever your modem, your router is and unplug it for one minute plug it back in and then start the session over again and then hopefully you’ll find it anyway.

Step 10: Now you are going to connect to your home Wifi network. Click on enter and now you have to enter your password.

Step 11: So from there Go ahead and press on Enter on the remote. Now do put in your password okay as soon as you enter to put in the password make sure you go down there highlight enter press on enter on the remote.

Step 12: So once you’re here you want to move over to the right okay and  hopefully this is your correct password wait and see whether the   internet is connecting Okay.  This TV has internet now.

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Sony Bravia not connecting to wifi?

If your sony bravia is not connecting to wifi then check your password and username. Also Make sure that your are connecting to your home wifi network only.

Sony Bravia Smart tv not detecting wifi?

You can try turning your wifi OFF and wifi ON and refresh wifi list. if sony bravia is not detecting wifi then make sure that your modem and router is turned ON and router / modem is close to your sony bravia tv, if your modem is placed far away from your tv then it will pick up or detect your wifi and your wifi will not show in your wifi list on Sony bravia tv.

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