How to Connect Sony Bravia tv to WIFI Internet

Its pretty easy and straight forward if you want to connect Sony Bravia tv to WIFI internet powered by android tv and setup wifi on sony bravia tv when you are having right password and correct WIFI network of your home and once you connect to wifi you can install apps on sony tv like discovery plus, HBO max from google play store . Lets see in detail how to connect Sony Bravia tv to wifi internet network connection below.

Connect Sony Bravia tv to WIFI Internet:

Step 1: Grab your remote and click on home button or settings on your remote (gear icon).

Step 2: Navigate to settings on Sony Bravia smart tv to connect to wifi and press ok.

Step 3: Click on network and internet and press ok.

Step 4: if your WIFI is not turned on (turn on by clicking on wifi).

Step 5: All your available wifi networks will be displayed.

Note: If you cant see your wifi network name make sure your wifi router is turned on and click on show all networks to see all available networks.

Connect Sony Bravia tv to WIFI Internet

Step 6: Click on your WIFI network and you will be prompted to enter password of your wifi network.

Step 7: Enter your password by using your remote and press enter or ok.

Step 8: Once you click ok then automatically your Sony Bravia tv will be connected to your wifi network successfully.

That’s it, this is how you setup and connect Sony Bravia tv to wifi internet, you can also connect by using WIFI direct as well.

Sony Bravia Smart tv Not Connecting to wifi?

Sometimes your smart tv will have issues when you setup or connect Sony Bravia to wifi internet, in this case you need to update your sony tv to latest software version and restart your router / modem and also make sure that you are connecting to your wifi network and entering the correct wifi password. In many cases this will be the issue. If you want to cross check with the password, just click on show password option, once you enter your password and connect Sony Bravia tv to wifi internet.

How to setup and connect Sony Bravia tv to wifi interent?

Settings->Go to Network ->choose your wifi->enter wifi password-click connect.

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