How to Connect Non-Smart tv To Internet WIFI Wirelessly

In modern era smart tv became the game changer because of its numerous features. Whereas smart tv providing fabulous facilities through internet connectivity like browsing webs, watching movies, playing games in online etc. But still some people still love using old portable television sets for entertainment purpose or due to budget problems. By following some simple methods you can easily turn your regular portable television into a smart tv and experience all advantages of smart tv on your non-smart tv. With some external connectivity you can easily connect your Tv to internet.

Method:1 Connect through HDMI Port Cord

If you don’t want to spend huge amount time on streaming devices then simply consider HDMI cord which suits you best to watch or browse everything you want. Now – a-days every smart tv or laptop had one HDMI cable and adaptor to link our non-smart tv directly. So let’s see how to connect non-smart tv to internet and play videos on standard television. In present days Netflix showed huge impact in entertainment filed because of its variety of features. Let see some primary steps how to watch a movie in Netflix.

Step:1 Firstly you  your standard television with laptop via HDML cable.

Step:2 Now play movie on your laptop which you want to watch.

Step:3 In order to perform the process mainly your laptop must have a video-out port and your Tv need to have HDML port.

Step:4 Now select input option on your portable television.

Step:5 After that select source on regular tv remote.

Step:6 Now select the plugin port which matches correctly to connect to tv.

Step:7 After that you can easily watch movies on  Netflix in your eta card television.

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Method:2 Connect through Streaming Gadgets

Streaming device is one of the best method to connect to our regular tv with internet. With this method we can easily acquire multimedia services via online. Let see some steps to connect devices to play videos on standard tv.

Step:1 Firstly plugin your smart device cable in to television  HDMI port.

Step:2 Now connect USB port to your Tv and then plugin your USB cable in to the device.

Step:3 After that just switch on your standard tv and start pairing with the input of your device.

Step:4 If you require any app just download via internet.

Step:5 Now just accept all terms and conditions in order to start streaming.

Best Streaming Devices to Connect

Apple tv

If you are one of the Apple products lover then no one can stop you from purchasing this streaming device and connect it. Well this is somewhat costly but it provides excellent quality videos or images and also allows you to access SIRI voice search and turn on Airplay and connect through airplay to smart tv. 

Amazon Fire Tv Stick 

If you loved to choose Andriod products this is one of the best streaming gadget which can connected via internet to your HDML port. With this you can watch online video, movies, Disney Hotstar and many more.

Method :3 Mirroring your phone or tablet screen with your television

Step:1 Now choose settings option from your smart device. 

Step:2 Next select network option from settings.

Step:3 Else if you have smart view on your device just tap on it.

Step:4 Now just start sharing your screen.

From the above mentioned methods it is not so difficult task to convert your standard tv in to smart tv.

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