Connecting through LAN ethernet wired cable modem

How to Connect Smart TV to Internet Wirelessly

If you are looking to connect your smart tv to internet wirelessly you can easily connect and enjoy streaming or browsing internet wirelessly, but you need to make sure that you have good internet connection when enjoying browsing and using internet wirelessly on your smart tv as it consumes lot of bandwidth of internet and choose your internet plan wisely.

You can connect your smart tv to internet wirelessly in various ways to accomplish this one and avoid cut down wirings and  extra cables and catch up all services, watch Netflix, YouTube, amazon prime, hotstar and so on and there are many easiest ways so lets look in this in detail below:

How to connect smart tv to internet wirelessly:

Connect Smart tv to wifi using LAN Ethernet wired cable modem:

First thing you need to do is place your wifi router near by your smart tv, it should not be far away from your smart tv.

On your back of your smart tv  there will find the ports labelled as LAN(local area network) and you need to plug in the ethernet cable(it consists of 8 pins) in to it and connect the other end of the port to the back of your ethernet router. (you can use powerline adaptors).

That’s it now you are done connecting your router to your smart tv and its as simple as that.

Turn on your smart tv and you will see a notification on your smart tv saying network cable detected setup a wired network, click on YES.

Now your smart tv will be in network setting mode and it will check for wired network connections

Once detected your smart tv will be connected to internet automatically if wired network connections, routers are correctly plugged in to your smart tv.

That’s it once you have connected, you can browse and watch Netflix, YouTube and what ever you want to watch on your smart tv using internet connection.

Connect Smart tv to internet using WIFI:

To connect your smart tv to wifi make sure your modem is on and internet connection working.

Switch on your smart tv to connect to internet wirelessly and GO to Settings and naviagete to Network settings and turn on wifi on your smart tv.

Check for your wifi connection name and click ok and enter your wifi password and click connect.

Once connected to your wifi you will be able to access internet on your smart tv wirelessly and enjoy live streaming on your smart tv.

Can’t Connect Smart tv to wifi Internet?

Make sure that you have entered correct password and you are connecting to your WIFI network only and also make sure that your wifi network is close enough to your Smart tv.

Not seeing wifi name on Smart tv?

Make sure your modem is turn on and you know exactly what is your wifi name, cross check with your wifi name. If you  are still not seeing turn off your modem for 10 sec and turn it on your modem

Wifi not connecting to  smart tv wifi

Make sure you are entering your wifi password correctly.

Wifi not connecting even though entering correct password.

Make sure you are entering wifi password for your wifi user name.