How to Factory Reset Galaxy S5

How to Factory Reset Galaxy S5

You can Factory Reset Galaxy S5 can in 2 ways – hard reset and soft reset. If you device is running slow and your Samsung Galaxy s5 mobile phone keeps on lagging and crashing/hanging, running slow and you need to factory reset galaxy s5 then it will reset your phone will wipe and erase all your date like pictures, videos, contacts and etc, So make sure you have backup all things before performing factory resetting galaxy s5 and resetting galaxy s5(Gs5 mobile) will change your phone as a new brand new Samsung 5 mobile and solve all this issues/problems with galaxy s5, so, lets see how to factory reset galaxy S5 in couple of methods.

2 Methods to Factory Reset Galaxy s5

There are two methods you can factory reset galaxy s5 one is internal factory resetting galaxy s5 and hard reset external reset galaxy s5, lets see them in details and before performing  below steps make sure you back up and move everything to SD card or computer, any other and start below process to factory reset galaxy s5.

How to Factory Reset Galaxy s5 – internally by settings option:

Step 1: Go to settings and scroll down -> click on Back up reset -> Click on Back up my data. (If you have account you can move everything to your account).

Step 2: Click on Factory reset data

Step 3: Once you click on factory reset data it will ask you for Rest device option and click on Reset device.

Step 4: It will go ahead and reboot it and will format your whole device.

Step 5: Your mobile will restart automatically and will turn on.

That’s it your device is formatted and factory reset of Samsung s5 will be successfully completed.

Factory Reset Galaxy S5 Data by Hard Reset:

Step 1: Switch on your mobile phone

Step 2: Now Hold down 3 keys -> Volume up Button, Home button and power button, press and hold down these three button at a time.

Step 3: Hold down these 3 button until you see android logo and release those 3 buttons.

Step 4: Wait for recovery option to pop up

Step 5: Use the volume button and select wipe data/factory reset  and to select it use power button.

Step 6: Scroll down again by using volume button and confirm yes-delete all user date.

Step 7: It will format data and wipe put all your details and perform factory reset.

Step 8: Once its completed you need to select reboot system now and press power button, your Samsung s5 device will turn on

Step 9: Wait until your Samsung galaxy s5 bootup and turn on successfully.

Step 10: Now your device is successfully formatted and factory reset galaxy s5 is completed.

Once your device turns on you Samsung galaxy s5 device will be like when you have purchased your device and boost your device performance.

How Long Does it Take to Factory Reset Galaxy s5

10 to 15 minutes it doesn’t take much time and make sure you back up all your data before performing factory resetting galaxy s5.

Samsung S5 Wont Factory Reset

Use external hard ware method if your device is not formatting by navigating to settings internally.

S5 Factory Reset Stuck

If your device is stuck when you choose option of factory reset method galaxy s5 device then you need to switch off your device and turn it on and perform factory reset by hardware method again.