How to uninstall Avast Anti Virus Security from MAC

How to uninstall Avast Anti Virus Security from MAC

Lets see how to uninstall Avast anti virus from mac book and apple says you don’t need any antivirus for your apple devices like MacBook pro, mac book air, apple tab etc and says you don’t get virus. If you have installed Avast anti virus and trying to uninstall Avast antivirus from mac completely, follow the below steps to uninstall antivirus from mac:

If you have installed Avast anti-virus on your mac that will actually block few stuff on your computer and get notifications infection blocked every time you start your MacBook or using mac and sometimes even blocks email as well on mac.

How to uninstall Avast anti virus from Mac:

Uninstalling application is pretty easy and straight forward and all the time people go and drop or delete by dragging application, but sometimes it will not work coz the rest of the files will not get uninstalled or removed and has hidden library on your user folder.

Step 1: Search for Avast on You Mac and open it

Step 2: Now click on Avast on top -> You will see option of uninstall Avast virus from MAC.

Step 3: Tick Check box – Uninstall Avast Security and click continue.

Step 4: You will be prompted to enter your Password, enter your password.

Step 5: Uninstallation will be completed successfully.

Why you Want to Uninstall Avast Anti Virus Security from MAC:

Avast anti virus scans your entire hard drive and also online security features and slows down your MacBook during the scan and apple doesn’t recommend to use any antivirus software’s as apple itself handles security on mac or any apple devices and Avast antivirus security also blocks many features on your MacBook which you want to access.

Uninstall Avast clean-up mac

Open Avast application and on top of Avast application click on Avast clean-up and click on Uninstall Avast Clean-up pro and follow the on screen instructions.

Uninstall Avast Password Mac?

Password is your MacBook user name password enter it when you prompted while uninstalling avast password.