How to connect smart tv to wifi Hotspot


You can easily connect smart tv to wifi Hotspot like the same way you connect you connect your smart tv to wifi, only the difference here is, your are connecting your smart tv to mobile wifi hotspot by tethering hotspot here just like you are conencting to wifi network connection, lets see in detail below.

connect smart tv to wifi

How to Connect Smart tv to WIFI hotspot:

Step 1: Turn on your mobile hotspot on your mobile device.

Note: to check your mobile hotspot name and password go to mobile hotspot settings and you can see all details.

how to connect smart tv to wifi using mobile hotspot

Step 2: On your smart tv, navigate to settings

Step 3: Now click on Network option.

Step 4: Now all your wifi networks detected on your smart tv will be listed, now go ahead and select the wifi hotspot name and click on connect.

Note: If you cant see your wifi hotspot network, make sure you have enabled your mobile hotspot on your mobile device.

connect smart tv to hotspot without wifi connection

Step 5: Now select wifi connection and select connect.

Step 6: It will prompt you to enter password here, enter your password and click on connect.

Note: You have to enter password by using remote, go to the password field and press ok from your remote, on-screen keyboard will popup on your smart tv and by choosing up and down arrows, enter your password.

Step 7: Once your smart tv gets connected to wifi hotspot, it will give you check mark on the network you are connected.

Note: Make sure here you enter the right password or else it will not  connect and also make sure you are connecting to same wifi hotspot network.

That’s it, now you have connected smart tv to wifi hotspot, now you can enjoy all video streaming supported by your smart tv, like Netflix, YouTube, etc on your smart tv using wifi hotspot.

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Can you connect a smart tv to a mobile hotspot?

can i connect smart tv to mobile hotspot

Yes, you can connect a smart tv to mobile hotspot, it is same like how you are connecting your smart tv to wifi wirelessly, all you have to do is while connected to wifi select the mobile hotspot network.

Why won’t my tv connect to my hotspot?

If you are having or facing difficulties in when you connect smart tv to hotspot, then try to restart your mobile device and turn on mobile hotspot again and  see if it resolves the issue.

Can’t connect to wifi hotspot on android?

In this scenario, you have to make sure that your device and allow access for all devise to connect, sometimes it is not allowed to connect to all devices and run the troubleshooter.

Can I connect smart tv to using wifi hotspot?

Yes! you can connect, just follow the instructions explained in this article.

WIFI hotspot not connecting to smart tv?

Make sure you have enabled access to allow access for all devices to connect in mobile hotspot settings.

Does connecting smart tv to wifi and watching movies consume lot of mobile data?

Yes, it consumes lot of mobile data, it is recommended to connect to mobile hotspot only in emergencies.

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