How to Connect Hitachi Smart tv to WIFI Wirelessly and Wired router


If you are wondering or looking to connect Hitachi smart tv to WI-FI internet network connection and connect your internet and have access to all of the tv’s smart tv and play features and enjoy streaming internet on Hitachi smart tv wirelessly, then its easy to connect Hitachi smart to WIFI by network connection.

How to connect Hitachi smart tv to WIFI

To connect Hitachi smart tv to wifi internet wirelessly all you need to have a wifi router and Hitachi Smart tv turned on.

Step 1: Press menu button on your remove.

Step 2:On your Hitachi smart tv Select Network and internet settings and press ok.

Step 3: Now list of available wireless device will be displayed select wired device.

Step 4: Scroll down and select your WIFI device and enter your WIFI password and press ok. (Make sure you enter correct credentials here and connected to WIFI network).

Step 5: If it is WIFI router then select and enter password using your Hitachi keyboard displayed on screen.

Step 6: Now press on internet icon button on Hitachi remote and approve privacy policy once displayed on screen to access internet to connect Hitachi smart tv to WIFI wireless internet connection tv online.

Step 7: Press I agree and Approval on your Hitachi smart tv.

Step 8: Once you have done this you are now connected to Hitachi smart tv to WIFI wireless internet connection and have access to features like smart portal which offers wide array of streaming and browsing applications.

That’s it you are now connected your Hitachi smart tv to wifi wirelessly and now have access to internet and enjoy all features of internet on your Hitachi smart tv.

How to connect Hitachi smart tv using router wired connections:

You can also connect your Hitachi smart tv through wired connection, and to connect using wired you need to have a ethernet cable connected from your router on back of your hitachi smart tv and follow the same steps above how we connected Hitachi smart tv using wifi wirelessly as before.

When you navigate to settings and network settings scroll along from and you will see wired device and you will see automatically connected via once the cable is plugged in, it will be automatically connected.

Hitachi smart tv WIFI dongle:

You can connect hitachi smart tv using wifi dongle, the process is same as you connected with wifi and router, you need to insert wifi dongle in to your back of your usb and you have to buy supported wifi dongle to connect hitachi smart tv wifi dongle and buy which is supported.

Hitachi Smart Tv Keeps Disconnecting from Wi-Fi:

Connecting hitachi smart tv to WIFI sometimes you may be facing problems and will not get connected make sure you have enter correct password, some time signal interference may be causing issue and keeps disconnecting.

Can I connect Hitachi smart tv with Dongle?

Yes you can connect using wifi dongle but you need to buy a dongle which is compatible to connect with hitachi smart tv to connect with dongle and all dongles will not connect to hitachi smart tv using dongle.

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