Connect iPhone to Hisense tv without WIFI – Anyview Cast


You can connect iPhone to hisense smart tv without wifi by using third party applications like Apowermirror, TV Assist, Airserver, AnyView and many other software’s available on Hisense app Store and setup anyview on hisense smart tv.

Connect iPhone to Hisense Smart tv Without wifi

You can easily Mirror your phone to hisense smart tv and cast your mobile content using anyview cast hisense smart tv and also use apowermiror iphone app to hisense smart tv and by downloading apps on Hisense smart tv and you can connect android and iphone and other devices as well check here.

How to connect iPhone to hisense smart TV – AnyView

1) Download and install Anyview application on your iPhone

2) Select Anyview cast on your iPhone to connect to Hisense smart tv and setup.

3) Anyview application will open on your Hisense smart tv for casting.

4) Wait for the external device to connect and remember your device name.

5) Once your remember your device name ( or you can note it down) and open your iPhone.

6) Make sure your iPhone WIFI is turned on and detected but if wifi is disabled then enable it.

7) Once you see your device – smart tv on your wifi list -> select it -> you will see a new screen on your mobile -> Smart Monitoring with options -> Video Monitoring -> Image monitoring -> Music Monitoring After above three option you will see screen mirroring.

8) Click on it and enable screen mirroring option.

9) Now select your device Name of your Smart tv.

Screen mirroring on hisense smart tv Anyview Cast

connect iphone to hisense smart tv

The specific sequence for Anyview Cast contrasts between brands of Android device. On your device search for screencast, dual-screen, screen share, cast options and just tap on it and it will display list of available TVs near by and to connect iphone to hisense smart tv just tap on it and your iphone will connect successfully.

3rd Party Applications to connect iPhone to Hisense Smart tv

There are several third party applications which helps to connect iPhone to Hisense smart tv 1) Apowermiror 2) Chromecast 3) Anyview 4) Airplay 5) Chromecast etc.

Connect iphone to hisense smart tv

How to connect iPhone to Hisense tv with USB

By inserting one end to your phone and other end to back of your hisense smart tv and start streaming content of your iphone to hisense smart tv.

Advantages to Connecting Hisense smart TV to iPhone?

Hisense smart tv is budget smart tv which comes with very low cost with premium features and quality with 4k resolution built-in with high  quality graphics and Hisense smart tv comes with FULL HD and HD as well with native screen quality and by default screen mirroring options (Apps installed on Hisense smart tv) is available.

connect to anyview cast

Can i connect iPhone to Hisense Smart tv?

If you are using apple iPhone mobile and you are finding ways to connect your smart tv with apple (ios iPhone any series mobile) then you can use built in feature airplay settings and turn on airplay to connect iphone to hisense tv and also screen mirroring can be done easily with few application installed like Apowersoftware, Anycast and few other applications available.

Download and install Anyview application both on tv and your iphone

Make sure you install Anview application both on iPhone and your hisense smart tv to cast or screen mirror content from iPhone to hisense smart tv, Alternatively you can use apowermirror application and other casting applications as well.

Can I mirror my iPhone to my Hisense TV?

Yes, you can easily mirror your apple iPhone to Hisense tv with applications installed

How do I connect to Anyview cast?

By using third party applications (anyview, apowemirror) installed on your device and you can connect iPhone to Hisense smart tv.

Can you connect iPhone to Anyview cast?

Yes! you can connect easily by Anyview application installed.

Hisense tv is android based?

Yes, Hisense tv are android based but you can connect with iPhone as well with Anycast.

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