How to connect LG tv to WIFi

How to Connect LG Smart tv to WIFi Internet

  • To Connect lg smart tv to wifi you need to go to settings -> Wifi -> Select wireless network and select your wifi and enter your wifi login details and wait for lg smart tv to connect to wifi.
  • You can also connect lg smart tv to wifi using wired connection as well and start using internet and download apps on lg smart tv.

You have brought a new LG smart tv and wondering how to connect LG tv to wifi or getting confused for the first time or facing problems in connecting LG tv to wifi then just follow these instructions, its very easy to connect lg tv to wifi and enjoy streaming on your LG smart tv with wifi connected.

You can connect lg tv to wifi and download apps on lg smart tv and connect your iPhone or android phone and mirror your mobile screen and cast iPhone to lg smart tv.

How to Connect LG tv to WIFi

Connect LG tv to WIFI

You can connect LG tv to wifi with remote easily in just few minutes and to connect LG tv to wifi follow the below steps:

Step 1: Press on Home button on remote

Step 2: Go to settings on the top right hand side by using remote and click on OK.


You will have an option on remote with option setting icon to navigate to settings option from remote as well that will directly take you to settings options on lg smart tv.

Step 3: Go to Network by scrolling down (go down) by pressing the down arrow key.

If you are not connected to network it will show not connected.

Step 4: Click on Ok and it will display network options on your LG tv to connect to wifi.

Step 5: Now press the right arrow and scroll down to wifi connection (not connected) and click on OK.

Step 6: Now you can see list of wifi connections available to connect lg tv to wifi. Select your wifi network and click on it.

It will prompt you to enter your wifi password, enter your wifi password and click connect via on board keyboard displaying on your screen and click on enter and if your password is correct it will connect LG tv to wifi successfully without any trouble or else you need to check with your wifi password to connect LG tv to wifi.

That’s it you are good to go now. Now your LG smart tv is connected to wifi successfully.

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