Turn Off Pointer on Lg Magic TV Remote

If you are having an lg magic remote and if you are annoyed or wondering how to turn off a pointer on lg smart tv magic remote then you can turn it off easily and you can even turn it off permanently and turn it off and get rid of the pointer on lg smart tv.

By default lg magic remote shows pointer on your lg smart tv and you can get rid of cursor appearing on lg smart tv and seeing pointer on lg smart tv with lg magic remote is frustrating and irritating.

LG Smart tv Magic remote shows you pointer where ever you point your remote to your lg smart tv and this is helpful sometimes but it is irritating and you may want to turn off or disable pointer at some time.

Turn Off Pointer on Lg Magic TV Remote Permanently

You can follow these steps below and turn off cursor or pointer appearing on lg smart tv.

Step 1:  Turn on lg smart tv and Go to Settings on top right corner or Press gear icon on lg magic remote

Step 2: Menu will appear on left side of your lg smart tv screen

Step 3: Click on Edit Mode option and click on Plus sign and select Screen Off option here.

Step 4: Select Screen Off option and Press ok button

Step 5: Now, Wait for 5 to 10 seconds and Press Home Button on LG Smart tv Remote and it will take you to Home screen of lg smart tv.

Step 6: Now, Press and Hold Home Button and Back Button until you see remote registration is disconnected and then release these buttons.

Step 7: Now, go to settings -> Select Screen Off and it will register a new magic remote and then you won’t see a pointer on your lg smart tv and it is disabled and turned off.

That’s it, this is how you disable a pointer or cursor appearing on your lg smart tv permanently.

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Can I turn off Cursor or Pointer on LG Smart TV ?

Yes!! you can turn off pointer or cursor permanently on lg magic remote by going to screen mode and press and hold home button and back button and deregister your magic remote and turn off screen off settings.

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