How to Fix LG magic Remote Not Working

How to Fix LG magic Remote Not Working

  • To fix LG Magic Remote not working you need to reset your remote and pair your lg smart tv remote again and if this doesn’t work then you need to replace batteries or replace your remote.

If you are a LG tv customer, it comes with a magic remote control, which is controlled by infrared signals and radio signals and sometimes you may face issues like remote buttons not working or power buttons not working etc. In order to perform this operation the remote control has a bluetooth module and infrared transmitter. If you bought a new remote control first you need to pair it with tv. The pairing is supported only when the power is turned off.

How to fix LG Magic Remote Not Working

Follow the below steps to fix lg smart tv magic remote not working or not pairing issues.

How to Pair the LG Magic Remote With TV

Step 1: First, your tv should turn on

Step 2: Turn only one television which you want to pair, and turn off others televisions.

Step 3: After turning on your tv pairing begins in 20-30 seconds

Step 4: Configuration steps are performed in remote control near the tv5

Blocking Set-Top Box

Due to DTH connection, a setup box need to be paired with tv, in order to view the subscribed channels. So, there is no other way to connect the setup box without physical connection. This will be the reason why our remote is not working.

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Check Your Remote Batteries

While LG magic remote control uses bluetooth, with this our batteries will work out dinner when compared with normal one. For this just change your batteries. Before trying other ways just try it.

Reset LG Smart tv Remote

In order to reset your LG magic remote control just take out the battery and leave it for few minutes, after that put it back in to it and turn ON your tv. After few seconds, now turn the remote toward your tv and press the middle wheel button. After it will start pairing and complete your process by displays a pairing is complete message.

WEBOS Magic Remote

Another best alternative if you are unable to solve from the above methods, mobile app for LG tv. First you need to install the app from the LG Webos magic remote and pair the tv with the remote. Before doing this you need to connect both mobile and tv on the same network. After that you can start using the phone has normal remote control.

Initialize the Remote

Now start the initializing process, for thus you need to press and hold smart home and back button, on the remote control for at least 10 seconds. Then press the wheel button to pair the remote again.

Hope the above methods will work for you, to make work your LG magic remote control. If you unable to overcome the issue then try to replace it. Are you can reach to local LG sales executive for help.