install third party apps on lg smart tv

How to install Third Party Apps on LG Smart tv

  • To install third party apps on Lg smart tv -> download apk file from apk website online and copy the apk file to your usb stick or flash drive and insert it on your back of lg smart tv and install them using the usb stick.
  • You need to allow permissions to install third party apps on lg smart tv.

In this article, we are providing you the process of installing third party apps in LG smart tv. Till now you read a lot of articles, but didn’t get the correct solution about how to install this type of apps in LG TV, with this you get disappointed. Because LG will not operate on android operating system, it works on the webOS operating system, with this you can only install apps which are available in LG content store not the other apps. For this you don’t need to worry because this can be resolved by using streaming devices like Chromecast, fire stick. Now, let’s see how to install the Android apps on your LG TV.

How to install third party apps on LG Smart tv

Step 1: Go ahead and download the apk file from or any apk providers online on to your USB stick.

Step 2: Now insert the USB stick on the back of your LG smart tv.

Step 3: Go to file manager and locate apk file and install the apk file, you will be prompted to allow permission on your lg smart tv -> go ahead and click on install and allow to install apps and run this apk file on lg smart tv.

Step 4: Once you allow permissions -> it will start installing apk file on your lg smart tv.

That’s it, wait for the install process to complete and once installed you can see third party apps installed successfully on your apps section.

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Why to install third party apps on LG smart tv

There are lot of useful and free streaming services or any other usage application which are not compatible to run on lg smart tv as there are not developed by trusted programs of play store or lg store. By using third party apps and installing 3rd party apps you can enjoy paid premium services for free on your lg smart tv.

Using Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire stick consists of a USB cable, remote and adapter because it is a combination of HDMI dongle.

Step:1 Firstly, connect the USB cable one end to the fire stick and other end to the adapter. With this you can easily connect a fire stick to the HDMI port of your LG TV.

Step:2 Now connect your fire stick to the HDMI port of LG TV.

Step:3 after that turn ON your TV and choose  HDMI source and followed by Amazon fire stick turn ON by using remote

Step:4 Next, open the search engine by using remote control, and download the apk file of app which you want to use and install it.

Step:5 After installing you enjoy your App features.

Using LG Store

After connecting to Wi-Fi open LG Store content and now you can download and install your favourite app

Step:1 firstly take your remote control and press home button

Step:2 now choose more apps option

 Step:3 After that open LG content Store

 Step:4 Then tap on premium and select the app which you want to use

 Step:5 After clicking on it now it will automatically download and install it.

Will WebOS run android apps

For this answer is yes, Webos can  run some android apps, and also you can download it and enjoy your favourite contents.

Which Apps are Available on LG Smart tv

LG smart TV operates on web OS and Apps supported this software including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Amazon and many more and also you can enjoy channel plus at webOS, which is providing family-friendly content and other top-rated shows.

Hope with this you come to know how to install 3rd party apps on LG smart TV and also you can enjoy 3rd party apps contents on LG smart TV.