How to Install 3rd Party Apps on Insignia Smart tv

Download the apk file of apps from third party websites online like apksure etc and run it or install it on insignia tv.

To install 3rd party apps on insignia tv you need to allow and enable third party apps settings (allow trust sources to install using apk file) and run it.

If you want to install apps which are not available on insignia tv app store and you want to badly install the apps then there are couple of ways you can install apps third party apps by sideloading apps and downloading apk file of the app and allow third party apps to install and accept the risk and trust apk file that you want to install and install apps using apk file on insignia smart tv.

All apps are not compatible or not available on insignia smart tv like the app is not compatible with insignia smart tv OS or the app is not yet available on insignia smart tv or fire tv, you can use streaming sticks like Roku devices, and other available in market and install apps as well.

Install 3rd Party Apps on Insignia Smart tv

Install 3rd Party Apps on Insignia Smart tv

To install third party apps you need to follow these below procedure and enable third party apps installation by allow trust or allow to install apps from untrusted source and sideload apps on insignia smart tv.

Enable Third Party App Settings on Insignia TV

If you want to install apps from rather than play store. We need to sideload apps. To resolve the issue enable it.

Step 1: Firstly, go to insignia smart tv home page

Step 2: Next, move to settings option

Step 3: After that make a search for device next select developer option

Step 4: Then go with apps from unknown source

Step 5: Now press enter button

Step 6: If it is turn off then turn it to on

Step 7:  Now start downloading apps from rather than play store.

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Downloading Apps From Web

Now follow the below mentioned few steps to install apps from Amazon website

Step 1: Firstly, browse appstore/ on your pc or smart phone 

Step 2: Then signin with same Amazon account on your pc or smartphone which you signed in insignia smart tv

Step 3: After that select fire tv box under device type

Step 4: Now search for app which you want to install on pc or smartphone 

Step 5: Next opt for deliver on pc or smartphone to install the app in your insignia smart tv 

From Cloud Storage

If you already have the apk files just you want to install. For this you can install the apk files on your pc, by using favourite storage including google drive, Dropbox, one drive. After that go with fire tv unit and choose the search menu for ES file explorer.

Step 1: Now tap on ES file explorer and download the app

Step 2: If once done then use directional button in order to navigate to left column

Step 3: Next tap on network followed by cloud and tap on it.

Step 4: Then you can choose your preferred cloud storage, and login to it and connect with your file

Step 5: Next highlight APK files in the folder which you created above, tap on them and follow the on screen instructions to download and install it.

Insignia Roku tv by using Roku app

Step 1: Firstly, check whether your insignia Roku tv and smartphone are connected to same WiFi

Step 2: After that install the Roku mobile app

Step 3: Then link your insignia Roku mobile app and Roku tv

Step 4: Now click on channel icon in Roku mobile app

Step 5: Next, move access to channel store in Roku mobile app 

Step 5: Then search for app in Roku mobile app

Step 6: Next, opt for add channel to install app on insignia Roku tv.

That’s it, by following above steps you can install 3rd party apps on insignia smart tv and sideload apps.

Use Downloader Apps

You can also download downloader app from insignia smart tv app store and download apk file and install apk files on insignia smart tv.

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