Sony Bravia Smart tv Remote Control Not Working

How to Fix Sony Bravia Smart tv Remote Control Not Working

  • To fix sony tv remote not working remove batteries and press all buttons so that if any dust stuck inside comes out
  • Reset Sony bravia tv remote and replace batteries

Sony bravia smart tv comes with the best smart remote control, with this you can easily control your setup box and turn on Sony Bravia tv and install apps and setup and connect to wifi on sony . Sometimes it may not work for some reasons, which irritate you. So, here are some causes for it.

Why Sony Bravia Smart tv Remote Not Working

1) Sometimes it may block the IR sensor on the device.

2) It may have lost its bluetooth connection.

3) It may not support some mechanical functions like power button

4) Old remote controls may not be compatible with new components.

So, many users reported this issue to the technical team via tech form. So here in this article we are providing  some solutions to this issue.

How to Sony Bravia Smart tv Remote Not Working

Follow below methods to fix Sony tv remote.

Reset Your TV

Step 1: Ensure that your smart tv is working properly or not by using buttons on the tv

Step 2: Now press buttons and check whether you can able to control volume and menu

Step 3: If your tv is working properly, then shift to third fix option

Step 4: If your tv is not working  properly, ensure that your Tv light is on

Step 5: For performing power cycle, press power button for 5-10 seconds till a message appears on your Tv

Step 6: Now wait till your tv restart. After that check for your remote control, is their any improvement.

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Remote IR blaster verification

1) To transmit signals, remote control uses IR blaster

2) If you want to verify the remote is sending IR signal

3) To perform this operation take your smart phone with a camera. And open the camera app

4) Next point remote control end towards IR emitter at the camera

5) After that, press the power ON button on the remote. If you see a light in the phone. You can say that remote control is sending IR signals

Reboot your Sony tv Remote

Step 1: Due to booth process, few buttons in sony remote control won’t work. Now sony asks it users to wait for few minutes for all remote functions starting.

Step 2: Before going to other method check the batteries. Dead batteries are common issue for not working remote control

Troubleshoot Remote

  • If you’re facing trouble shoot with remote control Then follow the steps
  • For this you have to clean remote control battery terminal. To perform this process remove the battery lid and roll the batteries with your thumb nail
  • After that, remove external devices connected with computer
  • After removing now again start connecting devices one by one.  Then check functionality of the remote.

Hope, this methods are useful to you. And solve the issue of sony bravia smart tv remote control not working.